Free Homeschool Worksheets

Enjoy our free homeschool worksheets. We believe that children are unique individuals and will have their own unique learning style.

These free printable homeschool worksheets are ideal if you are teaching your kids at home, we hope you will find them useful. There are also links on this page to homeschooling lesson plans.

They are all pdf so may take a while to load as some are several pages long.

WRITING Worksheets

  • 1.Practise writing letters and sentences here
  • 2.Practise writing calender words here
  • 3.26 wordsearches, one for each letter of the alphabet here
  • 4.Cut and paste activities for each letter of the alphabet here

Scrambled words worksheets

  • 1.Unscramble these 3 letter words here
  • 2.Unscramble and write these 4 letter words here

Rhyming words - free homeschool worksheets

  • 1.Find rhyming words for these 3 letter words here 2.Find rhyming words for these 4 and 5 letter words here

Free Homeschool Worksheets - SCIENCE

My body

  • 1. My body, read and answer questions here
  • 2. My body. Read and answer the questions here
  • 3. Read and answer questions about bones in our body, includes answers here


  • 1. Read and answer questions about grasshoppers. 37 pages of information about the grasshoppers life and it's body here
  • 2. 7 pages of information and questions to answer about aphids here
  • 3. Information about dragon-flies along with activities and questions to answer here
  • 4. Read about ants, do the activities, answer the questions here


  • 1. Questions about vegetables here
  • 2. What do plants need to make them grow? here

Free Homeschool Worksheets - GEOGRAPHY

  • 1. Read and answer questions about hills, mountains and valleys here
  • 2. Read and answer questions about rivers here
  • 3. Fill in the missing words about rivers here
  • 4. Read about roads and streets and answer questions here
  • 5. Plan a trip from New york to Iceland here
  • 6. Plan a trip to Panama Canal here
  • 7. Plan a trip up the Mississippi River here
  • 8. Answer questions about the seasons here

More Free Homeschool Worksheets and Free Homeschool Lesson Plans

Biographies for kids An article about the books we have read together.

Quiz worksheets

Even More Free Homeschool Worksheets and Free Homeschool Lesson Plans

New:Read our daughters thoughts regarding her homeschooling experience Her book contains some really useful insights that may help you to support your kids through the years.

We really have enjoyed our homeschool years and this book gives some very valuable and useful information. The purpose of this e-book is NOT to tell you what to do but instead to give you an insight into what your kids might think about the whole home school experience.

Check back often as we update this page with themed units we have done or are going to do.

There are also different ways of homeschooling:

Unschooling, Internet homeschooling Eclectic homeschooling, Homeschooling using a curriculum. Christian homeschooling and Unit study homeschooling

Over the years we have gone from unschooling to unit studies to using a curriculum when our oldest child was around 12.

The secret to making it a success is to enjoy the time spent together.

Do what works best for you and your family.

A structured homeschool day can be a lot shorter than if your kids were in school, as you get so much more done in a shorter time. it is more intense learning.

Also the learning can be much more hands on and geared to your child's learning style.

Do they learn best by seeing, hearing, movement (kinesthetic), or touch?

If you have used some great resources why not share with us all in our Homeschool ideas and resources forum

Got a question about some part of homeschooling. Ask your question here in the home schooling help forum

Want the latest news about homeschooling go to the Homeschooling news page

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