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Human Body Lesson Plans
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On this page you will find human body lesson plans.

The kids have been really interested in learning about their bodies.

We really enjoyed doing this human body lesson plans activity.

You will need: a roll of wallpaper or lining paper, pencils, scissors, construction paper, wool

  • Get your kid to lie down on rolled out wallpaper.
  • Get another kid or you to draw around outline of kids body.
  • Kids can then cut out their body shape.
  • Glue on wool for hair
  • Make clothes with the construction paper
  • Draw on a face.
  • We then added labels

Head, face, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, hands, fingers pelvis, legs, thighs, knees, feet ankles, toes.

We hung the masterpieces in the bedrooms.

We have been learning about the skeleton too

We really liked this site kids and it's page about bones. It showed us how to pronounce some difficult words, it has a cool diagram showing the inside of a bone.

Here you will find the front view of a skeleton Here you will find the back view of a skeleton. has some really cool animations and lots of information and worksheets on the human body. You subscribe for free and then have access to download the worksheets.

5 senses for human body lesson plans.

We learnt that we have five different senses: Sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste.

  • We did an experiment where I put some different items into containers with labels.
  • Before we did this I printed off a sheet with the items listed down the left side. There were then 5 columns one for each sense.
  • Each of the kids was blindfolded.
  • They each had a smell of a container and had to guess what was in it.
  • I used, strawberry jam, lemon, vinegar, cold coffee, garlic, strong cheddar cheese, apple. orange juice, strawberries.
  • When the kids guessed I ticked off the item they had guessed onto a sheet I had made earlier.
  • While the kids were still blindfolded I had them touch the items and make a guess I then marked these on the same sheet in touch column.
  • The kids then tasted each item and again i ticked off the item they had said in taste column on sheet.
  • They then shook the containers gently to see if they made a sound
  • Then they took the blindfolds off and had a guess while looking in the containers, again I marked off their guesses in the sight column on sheet.
  • We had a good laugh at some of the guesses the redid experiment without the blindfolds.
  • I then showed kids how to draw a venn diagram and fill it in using the information from the sheets.
  • This way the kids could see that the senses can work together.
Here are some very simple sensory worksheets

Go here for crosswords and wordsearches on the 5 senses

Here at at exploratoriumyou will find good clear information about the eye. You will find a video showing the dissection of a cows eye here as well. I remember doing a dissection in my senior school it was really interesting. This one is for older kids.

This Neuro Science for kids site has some interesting experiments and facts, games and illustrations about all the senses and other parts of the nervous system.

At the National Institute of the deaf and other Communication Disorders you will find activities to do with hearing

If you have a T1 73 calculator your kids can do these worksheets on taste.

  • Other ideas we have tried as human body lesson plans.
  • Why not try going for a sound walk, see how many sounds the kids can identify as you go for a walk.
  • Do the same thing sitting still and quietly.
  • You could try recording sound on a tape machine and getting kids to guess what the sound is.
  • Get samples of friends and relatives voices and again see if the kids recognise who they are.
  • For vision try taking digital photos of parts of objects and see if the kids can recognise what the objects are.

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