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In the following article on best pets for kids we will look at which pet might be best to join your family. Choosing another family member to join you should not be taken lightly.

Your decision should be based upon the following:

Your family:

  • The age of your children
  • Your child's character.
  • Does anyone in your family have a health issue such as asthma which will be affected by bringing an animal into your home?

Your home:

  • Space in your home
  • Do you have a garden


  • Are you able to afford big cages or habitats?
  • Take into account possible vets bills as well as bedding and food and toys.


  • Do you like being outside and going for walks, or do you prefer to relax at home?
  • Do you go away on holiday?
  • Are you away from home for many hours a day?
  • Do you have a friend who can care for the pets if you are away?


  • Do you have time to spend with your chosen pet each day? The amount of time needed will depend upon the type of pet you settle upon

The best pets for kids will be those that fit into your lifestyle the best without adding unnecessary stress to mum and dad.

As with all animals don't get a pet if you think your child will hurt it.Check out our essential reality check on our pets for kids page

So which will you choose, from one of the following best pets for kids?

best pets for kids rat

Fancy Rats

Rats make great pets for kids, they are very curious and make really good companions.

Life span is between 2-5 years

Fancy rats are generally kept indoors and need a very large cage. They are very sociable animals who need need to be handled a lot.

They are best kept in a busy room in the house so they can be part of the family.

Male rats are better for younger children as they are more laid back, and bigger making them easier to handle than the female rat who is fast and inquisitive.

Read more about rats as pets

Best pets for kids - Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs live for around 4 to 7 years

They are very friendly and seem to enjoy being handled

Guinea Pigs are tamed easily.

They need to be handled very carefully as they will be hurt if dropped. Our guinea pigs live indoors and go into a pen outdoors during the day.

Guinea pigs can live outdoors in a hutch In cold weather they need to be moved into an indoor area or porch area.

Read more about Guinea Pigs


Dogs can live for 12 years or more.

You need to be careful on the breed of dog you choose.

If you are careful with the type of breed that you pick dogs are suitable for children from a young age. We had a Sheltie who used to hold our sons wrist gently in her mouth and walk with him (so sweet)

Dogs should never be left unattended with your babies or young kids.

This pet will need daily walking, they love company and can be a very loyal pet.

Read more about dogs for kids


Rabbits live for between 5 and 10 years so it is quite a commitment. Rabbits need careful handling as they can kick out when stressed. Rabbits may bite.

Ideally this is a pet for an older child, who can behave quietly and calmly around it. They do like to be with people or a pet mate.

These days people keep rabbits either in a hutch outside or even indoors. Rabbits need large hutches and plenty of space for exercise which they need every day.

Read more about rabbits care for kids here.


Hamsters can live up to 2 years

Hamsters can enjoy being with their young owners. They may bite until they are tamed by handling regularly

Hamsters are awake mainly at night as they are nocturnal

Syrian hamsters like to live on their own; Dwarf hamsters tend to like living in pairs.

Read more about pet hamsters


Ferrets can live around 7 years

Ferrets like to live with another ferret

They can be very tame if handled a lot.

Ferrets need a lot of space.

Ferrets can give nasty bites and give off a musky odor that is quite strong.

Read more about a pet ferret for kids

Best pets for kids - Stick Insects

Live for about 1 year after hatching

They are great pets for those who are allergic to hair, fur, feathers and dust

Clean and easy to keep and clean out.

Stick insects can bite so wear gloves when handling

They need to be handled carefully as their legs can break very easily

They feed on bramble leaves

Ant Farm

Not really a pet but something to think about.

Great for small homes. Ants in an ant farm are fascinating to watch as they create tunnels and eat

It is interesting watching them forage for food and water

Ants live for around 2 to 4 weeks in an ant farm.


Cats can live up to 15 or so years

Cats are independent

They are easy to care for and are clean.

Cats are better for older children who can handle the cat gently.If you are looking for a cat research breeds first as some are more sociable than others. Take your children with you when choosing and see how the cat responds to the children.

Best pets for kids - Goldfish

Goldfish can live up to 40 years or more.

They should be kept with other Goldfish Goldfish need to be kept in a tank not a bowl

They are easy to look after

Goldfish don't cost much to keep.

You can find out more about keeping goldfish at

  • Before you choose from best pets for kids do some careful thinking about what your family can take on.
  • All of our best pets for kids take a reasonable amount of care.
  • Although some pets are cheap to buy, their cage set up and vets bills if they become ill can mount up.

Pet Advice

Don't rush in to making a decision.

If the kids are badgering you for a pet suggest that you will chat about it again in a months time. If the kids are still keen can you borrow a friends pet for a few days.

The kids need to understand that a pet takes time and needs companionship.

Get the kids to do some research They should find all the information they can on their choice of pet. The kids should come back with a good idea of the care the pet will need

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