Free Coloring Sheets for Kids 2 - Kids Coloring
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More free coloring sheets for kids 2 ....keep them busy with our unique - free printable kids coloring pages.

Feel free to print them off.

Simply right click on the thumbnail (the small pictures below) you like and you will be taken to a new browser window. If you then, do file and print preview you will be able to use custom settings to resize the picture to your liking.

We hope you enjoy these free coloring sheets for kids 2.

Some of these have been drawn by a friend Taylor Farr. Thankyou Taylor

Free Coloring Sheets for Kids 2- Free Printable Coloring Pages

To color butterflies, fish, cats and dogs, an icecream, a pumpkin, pointy hat and a fairy wand try this colouring page

For a woodpecker, truck, horse, boat and lion coloring pictures try this page

Don't forget our crackers, presents, dogs, candles, puddings and more on our christmas coloring pages

Color a picture of a horse, a jet, dogs, cats and more here

Free coloring Sheets For Kids 2 - More coloring ideas:

Lay out a length of unused wallpaper on a table, blank side up. Give your children a selection of drawing supplies and let them color to their hearts content.

Give your child a piece of paper and several objects that your child could draw around. Let them see how many different shapes that they can draw and then color in. For older children you could give them coins to draw around, fruit, cutlery, pebbles, leaves etc. Show your children how to use coloring pencils to do shading

If you have a child who is reluctant to draw try Drawing: For the Artistically Undiscovered (Klutz S.) This fab fun book encourages children to have a go at drawing and not to worry too much how their drawing looks. It was a 1999 Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner that includes instructions and illustrations from world-famous illustrator Quentin Blake.

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