Bible lessons For Kids
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Bible lessons For Kids
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Here you will find printable Bible lessons. They are all in pdf format.

  • All about creation and leaving that beautiful garden

  • The story of Cain and Abel

  • Find out who built a tower, what happened? here

  • Find out what happened to Abram and Lot. Who was turned into a pillar of salt?

  • Read about Paul's last journey and the end of his life then answer questions

  • Activity Sheets

  • Fill in the blanks in this easy creation crossword

  • A crossword on Bible facts

  • Find the Bible related words in this wordsearch

  • Read about Isaac and Esau and then complete a wordsearch

  • Bible Lessons For Kids

  • Being kind here

  • Read the story of a boy who's father sees what he has done. here

  • Read this story about the importance of "shining" on the outside all the time here

  • Are you a son of the King?

  • A story about Jesus the good shepherd. 4 pages here

  • Read a bible lesson about Jonah and the Whale then answer the questions 5 pages here

  • A story about Jesus the good shepherd. 4 pages here

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