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One of the joys of parenting kids is to see them really ...and I mean really...enjoying themselves. Laughing with abandoned joy...oblivious to the worries and cares of life. Our children want us to be part of that joy, our children need - our time - our attention - our love - our understanding.

Sit back and think ....through involvement in play we have many opportunities to teach our children many skills - life skills that will prepare them for life outside our homes

On this parenting kids site you will find parenting advice, useful information on parenting styles and help on discipline.

You will also find advice on parenting children with autism. Our homeschooling section will help parents and carers who wish to homeschool whilst there are also plenty of activities you can use.

Here you will find a collection of children's games, activities and other resources which you will find really useful

Activities and resources created and discovered over many years while parenting kids of our own

Perhaps like us you are very family oriented and love your children and really enjoy doing things together with them. Sometimes for the pure joy of it - sometimes because we need to!

There are few greater truisms in life than this:

the more time you spend with your children now......

the more time your children will have for you later

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