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Free coloring pages for kids, keep your kids busy with our unique coloring printables.

On this page you will find a swallowtail butterfly, giraffe, a lion, a woodpecker and a beach scene as well as christmas printable coloring pages.

These coloring pages for kids help with hand and eye co-ordination and help with creativity.

On our coloring sheets page you will find pictures of a horse, jet, Jack-in-the-box, cat and pictures of dogs, children and fish

For pictures of dogs, hats butterflies, icecream, fairywand and a pattern and more try this page

Do you want pictures of footballers, children, an apple, a spider and more? Check out this page

We hope you enjoy these free printable coloring pages for kids.

For something a little different for younger children of about 4 and up, this Charlie and Lola I Absolutely Must Do Coloring Now or Painting or Drawing (Charlie and Lola) is great

This book is great for encouraging children to think creatively. For instance the page with Charlie and Lola looking out of the window asks "what do you think they are looking at"?

Not only are children encouraged to finish the pictures and color them in, they are also given ideas about adding items like feathers to the pictures.

I highly recommend this book.

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