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This article is about work from home moms. Are you a mom who works from home? Work at home moms often have to juggle several things all at the same time. perhaps you are looking for work at home ideas.

In these pages you will find advice, and tips that will help in your work from home moms journey.

I work from home and have 4 kids, one of whom is autistic and requires more care and attention then the others. We also have a dog, guinea pigs, a corn snake and a Senegal parrot to care for. In addition we are heavily involved in our local church who also happen to be our extended family.

We have many hints and tips to share with you, as we have both worked from home for several years. Taking time to work out priorities is vital to make our jobs as work at home moms work.

Work from home jobs are many and varied, but you will need to really check out those ads for work from home jobs as so many are scams. Check out our tips on checking out potential scam jobs and read about some that we have had experience of.

Do you need some home business ideas? There are so many different types of home businesses advertised. From a childcare business, to online business ideas there is something for everyone. You can even build your own website as I have done and make money from it.

Taking time to work out a schedule for your day with the children is essential. To work from home when you have children you need to keep your little ones busy, or involve them if possible in chores or other activities. Older kids may be able to help you in your work. If you have very young kids maybe you can schedule in play dates, or they can go to nursery if you prefer.

Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise, to be successful in your work you need to determine your most important jobs and do those first. its funny but often the jobs you dislike are the ones that most need to be done. Don't procrastinate, do them (Geoff and I have been great procrastinators over the years, we have had to learn a different way).

Organising your time is vital. no doubt your kids have daily activities that you will need to take them to. You will need time for housework, shopping, and appointments as well as setting quality time for rest and to spend with your partner.

As work from home moms we must set goals and keep the vision for our business always infront of us. By having a vision we know where it is we are going the whole picture. by setting goals we break down our vision into bite sized pieces. The goals you set must be realistic and take into account everything else you need to do.

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