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Summer Crafts for Kids...make the most of the good weather with our kids summer crafts

Summer crafts, what better than to make the most of the weather

It's also great for us mums as it keeps the mess down.

We can make the most of the items that nature gives us too.

A trip to the beach might yield objects for a collage picture or shells for crafting with.

Looking at nature can inspire artistic kids to get crafting.

So next time you hear I'm bored check out these easy summer crafts for kids.

Easy Crafts for Kids - Summer Crafts

Here you will find a collection of summer crafts for kids activities which you will find really useful
Mustard and Cress Picture

What you need: aluminium pie dish, kitchen towel,cotton wool, mustard and cress seeds.

Kids can place two or three sheets of paper towel into pie dish.

Put in enough damp cotton wool to fill dish to within 1 cm of top.

Kids can then sprinkle mustard and cress seeds over cotton wool.

They can sprinkle seeds in a design or do their names.

they should keep cotton wool moist and place pie dish on a sunny windowsill.

Watch mustard and cress grow then harvest and eat.
Pavement Art Picture

What you need: Pavement chalks, kids, imagination

chalk drawing

Get kids to design pictures on the concrete in your yard or driveway.

Have competitions to see who can do the best design.

Mark off squares so that kids have same area to do their creation in

The rain will wash it away or kids can have fun with water and a broom and clean it away

Paint the house

What you need: bucket, paintbrush (the type you paint house with) food coloring, kids

Half fill bucket with water.

Add food coloring.

Kids can now paint the outside of house or garden walls.

It can be rained or hosed off afterwards.

What you need: sand, buckets, water, kids.

sand castle

Encourage kids to have a competition to see who can build the most creative sandcastle.

This can be done in a sandpit or at the beach.

Our kids love this.

If we are at the beach they see who can build the best castle at the waters edge as tide is coming in.

Then we also see which castle lasts the longest.

See what can be found around to decorate the castle.

We find shells and feathers, seaweed and stones.

Painted Rocks
Next time you are out with the kids see if they can find paperweight sized rocks to take home.

What you need: paperweight sized rocks, acrylic paints, varnish, newspaper,small paint brushes, aprons, kids

Cover a table with newspaper.

Take rocks and get kids to paint on designs.

When designs are dry kids can varnish them.

Lolly Stick models

What you need: lots of lolly sticks, strong PVA glue, newspaper, paint, aprons, kids

Put newspaper on table.

Put lolly sticks out.

Encourage kids to be creative and make models using the glue.

Once their models are dry kids can paint them.
Sand Art

What you need: sand, stick, finger, toes, kids

sand drawing

Your kids can do this in a sand pit or the beach.

Kids can find a stick or use fingers, toes of spade.

Get kids to do drawings in the sand.

Have a competition to see who can do the best picture.

Suggest a theme to them to inspire imagination.

Make a Planter.

What you need: empty yoghurt pots, acrylic paints, brushes, aprons, kids

Wash yoghurt pots inside and out, well.

Paint on a base coat in one color, leave to dry.

kids may need to do a second coat if first did not cover pot well.

Kids can then use different color paints to make a design.

Leave pots to dry.

Pots can then be used as planters for a windowsill.
Summer Crafts For Kids - Painting Skateboards

Our kids did this about three years ago. they each painted their own designs.

What you need: skateboards, paint, brushes, varnish. aprons, kids

The kids need to turn skateboards over, they painted the undersides.

Draw the design first.

They used water based paint and it is still good.

Either use this or acrylic paint and varnish
kids House

What you need: Very big cardboard box, paints, scissors, kids

Get kids to cut out door and windows (adult do this if kids too young)

Kids can then decorate their house as they like with paints.

Once dry kids can play in it.

Don't leave out in the rain though.
Paper Plate Design

What you need: paper plate, different types of seeds( bean, sunflower, corn, peas) glue, paintbrushes.

Kids can draw a flower design on paper plate.

Then kids use seeds to make up design.

Kids should glue seeds on.

Leave plate to dry.
Summer Crafts For Kids - Pressed flowers

You will need: Flowers, a flower press or heavy books, glue, card, scissors

Pick some flowers make sure there are no insects on them.

Lay the flowers flat then press them. Place inside a book inside tissue paper.

Place a heavy book on the top.

Or use a flower press.

Leave for a few weeks until they are dried out.

Tips: The flowers can then be used to make cards.

They could be put inside frames to make pictures.

Or make a summer collage with them.

Painted canvas shoes

You will need: plain canvas shoes, fabric paint (various colors)

let your little kids have free reign with this and accept the mess (I mean artwork!)

Or it's one for the older kids.

They can take the fabric paint pens and create designs.

Make sure you use same design on each shoe.

Watch you don't smudge it.

Leave to dry.

Tip: Why not try a flower or fish or shell design.
Summer Crafts For Kids - Lolly Stick Bookmarks

Now the kids have something to do with all those lolly sticks.

You will need: lolly sticks, google eyes, foam sheets, colored paper or paint, wool(for hair), glue

kids can cut out foam to make animal head shapes or flowers or faces.

Stick on at top of lolly stick

Stick on google eyes

Cover rest of stick with colored paper or paint.

Leave to dry then use.

Summer Crafts For Kids - Beach picture

Next time you go to the beach do some scavenging for bits and pieces to make pictures.

The kids will love this as much as making the pictures.

You will need: Shells, seaweed, small pieces of driftwood, beach grass, small stones, strong craft glue, brushes, cardboard to stick these thing too.

Spread all items out on table.

Take some cardboard (from an old cardboard box is fine).

Glue items onto cardboard to make a picture or collage. More summer crafts for kids coming soon.

Why not try some sea shell crafts, along with these summer crafts for kids? Make a shell pot, a collage, a mirror or plate on our sea shell crafts page.

Our kids christmas crafts page has cards, snowflakes, placemats, trees and bead creations to make.

To make some great bookmarks check out bookmark crafts for kids page

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These summer crafts for kids should keep the kids happy for a while.

Why not check out the gardening section or kids recipe section for other activities.

If it's raining why not check out our games section.


Acrylic paint can be hard to get out of clothes so either get kids to wear old clothing or aprons.

If doing crafts outside make sure kids use sunscreen and hats.

Keep leftover craft materials.

Keep empty yoghurt containers.

keep loo roll inserts.

keep cardboard tubes.

Look at the garden and collect bits from nature.

keep a good stock of glue, cellotape and paints.

Have a stock of scissors,

Keep old magazines(for cutting up)

For an adult to make for kids

Playdoh Recipe

1 cup flour

1 tablespoon cream of tatar

1 tablespoon oil

1/2 cup salt

Food coloring.

Mix dry ingredients together.

Add boiling water and mix well.

Store in airtight containers.

Add different color food coloring for variation.

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