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Butterfly lesson plans for kids
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We hope you enjoy these butterfly lesson plans for kids as much as we have. We found lots of fun ways to find out about butterflies.
Lesson Plan 1
  • Try The Very Hungry Caterpillar Bookwhich is about a caterpillar who eats his way through
  • the days of the week. On Monday he eats an apple, on Tuesday 2 pears.
  • Then plums, strawberries, chocolate cake, icecream cone, pickle, and swiss cheese.
  • Then salami, a lollipop, piece of cherry pie, a sausage link, a cupcake, and watermelon.
  • We enjoyed this book which led to chats about what foods we enjoyed best.
  • We made a graph.
  • We decided to ask twenty family and friends which of the foods the caterpillar ate they liked best.
  • We used graph paper and used numbers 0-20 up the side of the graph and the foods listed along the bottom.
  • Then we looked at the graph to see the favorite food and the least favorite (in our case this was the pickle)

Lesson Plan2
  • Find pictures beginning with the letter C fom magazines or the internet, mix these with other pictures.
  • Have your child draw a caterpillar (or you can)
  • Next have your child find pictures beginning with C and stick them on sheet with the caterpillar.

  • Lesson Plan 3
  • Buy this buterfly kit from Insect Lore.
  • It comes with live caterpillars, a habitat you can hang or sit on a surface, a feeding kit and instructions.
  • This is great for seeing the caterpillars become butterflies.
  • It takes around tree weeks from delivery for the whole process which is great for kids.
  • Your kids could keep a journal of the stages and what they see, get them to draw what they see.
  • The kids can take photos and then place them in order in a scrapbook book then write a description.

Lesson Plan 4
  • Design your own butterfly.
  • Let kids look at lots of photos of butterflies.
  • Provide egg cartons, colored tissue paper, beads, leaves, grass, dries pasta, paint or crayons, glue.
  • Help kids to design a butterfly of their own using what they know about butterfly makeup, habitats, food etc.

Lesson Plan 5
  • Create the butterfly life cycle with pasta and other bits.
  • Provide shaped pasta, leaves, twigs, buttons and cotton wool, paper or cardboard to stick the bits to, glue.
  • Have the kids create the life cycle stages on the paper or cardboard by using the pasta shapes and other bits.

Lesson Plan 6

Easy butterfly wordsearchworksheet

Butterfly wordsearchworksheet

Label the butterflyworksheet

Here are some coloring pictures of butterflies for kids
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