Kids Christmas Crafts
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Kids christmas crafts, these easy christmas crafts for kids are made from cheap bits and pieces and make great gifts and decorations

We have had a great time making some christmas crafts. most of them are really simple to do and won't cost the earth.

Make sure you protect your work surfaces and use washable felt tips and paints.

Pipe cleaner and Bead Creation
Pipe cleaner and Bead Creation

This is a really easy but effective christmas tree decoration.

Just be careful with young kids as they could swallow beads or put them into places that need a doctor to remove them.

You will need various colour pipe cleaners and colored pony beads.

Simply thread on beads until pipe cleaner is nearly full.

Leave about one inch at either end to use as a loop to hang your creation.

Your kids can bend the pipe cleaner as they like to create different shapes.
Making Christmas Placemats
Making Christmas Placemats

Why not get your kids to create their own christmas placemat and coaster.

You will need a sheet of A4 paper, and felt tips, pencils, stickers if you like, glue and glitter if you like.

Your kids can draw and color their placemats and then add stickers and or glitter.

When their creations are dry laminate them.

To do the coaster draw a circle big enough for a cup.

Design the coaster as you did the placemat.

Cut out and then laminate.

Kids Christmas Crafts - Making Christmas Cards
kids christmas crafts - christmas cards

A nice cheap way to get your kids to make cards.

Use christmas wrapping paper and last years gift tags to cut up to stick onto blank cards.

If you like you can provide stickers.

Your kids can draw their own designs as well.

Add glitter and glue to the mix if you like.

Our daughter creates lots of christmas cards to give to family and friends.

These are the ones the family cherish the most.
Kids Christmas Crafts - Making Snowflakes
kids christmas crafts- snowflakes

These are really easy, but for younger kids you may need to do the cutting out part.

They can be added to the tree as decorations.

Use sparkly christmas paper or use plain paper and decorate.

Foil wrapping paper works well.

Draw around a mug onto wrapping paper.

Cut out circle.

Fold circle in half then into half again then again.

Using sharp scissors cut small shapes along the edges.

Open out, punch a hole in the top and thread some thread through the hole to hang it.

If you used plain paper to make this the kids can now decorate them.
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Craft

Draw the outline of a christmas tree onto a sheet of paper.

Supply your kids with crayons, felt tips, glue and glitter.

You can also provide beads and funky foam.

Simply allow your kids to decorate their trees as they wish.

These can be cut out, a hole can be punched in the top of the tree.

Use thread to hang a single tree or get your kids to do a few, to string across a room
Kids Christmas Crafts - Glitter Ornaments
kids christmas crafts

Another easy one.

Draw shapes onto greaseproof paper.

Kids can fill the shapes with white glue in whatever pattern they choose.

Then glitter and beads can be added.

Leave this to dry overnight.

Once dried you can cut around the shape and push a hole into the top to hang your creations.

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