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Do you want to be frugal moms? We have some great tips and ideas to help along this path. It pays to be frugal when we are moms or carers.

Frugal living needs to become part of our lifestyle after all are we not to be good stewards of everything we have. Being good stewards means that we are aware of how we live. We need to watch how we spend our money, how we take care of our home and belongings. Sometimes even small frugal changes can reap rewards to our bank balances, something that is needed in the present financial climate.

In this article we will look at several things that we can do to be frugal moms. The first thing we need to try to do is not look at this as though we are depriving ourselves or our families. Instead look at it as a change of lifestyle. The reason for this is that when we feel we are depriving ourselves be it food, cigarettes, buying shoes, not eating chocolate etc. we feel the need to reward ourselves and that can undo our good work.

Being frugal moms has it's own rewards, healthier bank balance, healthier bodies, less clutter to wade through, dust and take care of, and a cleaner environment for our kids to inherit.

  • 1. The first thing and probably the area with the biggest savings to be made is our frugal grocery shopping.This is usually the area of our finances that is the most flexible so check out these tips for saving money. Read more.....
  • 2. Frugal cooking.....did you know it is far more economical to cook meals from scratch then to buy ready meals?
  • The great thing about cooking from scratch is that you can then cook meals to freeze for another day or enough to have as lunches for the following days.
  • Frugal cooking is healthier as well, as it involves less highly processed foods. Read more....
  • 3. Check out our frugal meals section. In fact why don't you add a frugal recipe of your own to help other moms. Read more....
  • 4. Cleaning our homes can also be done in a frugal manner. There are many alternatives to the expensive chemical cleaners that we can buy at the store.
  • Check out these ideas for frugal cleaning and be green as well. Read more.....
  • 5. Frugal living doesn't mean you can't have fun. Read more.....
  • 6. Do you want to be a frugal family? Check out these great ideas for frugal families. From clothing to toys. Read more....
  • 7. We can also save money in other areas. Be sure to check out these frugal living tips that cover everything from saving on nappies to saving money on
  • utilities and other household bills. Read more....

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