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Sea Shell Crafts For Kids
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Try some of these great kids crafts with those sea shells you have collected from your summer trips to the beach. Enjoy these sea shell kids crafts. Do your kids have shells from your beach trips? Here are a few ideas that will keep the kids busy for a while and create a use for those shells.

You will need to clean the shells before the kids can do any craft. We wash the shells first under cold running water. Use a stiff brush to get rid of anything stuck to shells In a plastic bucket use equal parts of bleach to water. Wear gloves to add shells as bleach can burn. leave shells for a while, maybe an hour then take out and brush again. When shells are clean rinse in cold clear water. Leave to dry then let kids get creative with these sea shell crafts for kids.

sea shell crafts for kids
Shell Pot

You will need: terracotta pot, strong craft glue, glue stick or brush shells, varnish

  • Get kid to choose some shells
  • Kids can put glue around top of pot,
  • Put shells in glue
  • leave pot to dry
  • Varnish the shells

Sea shell Collage

You will need:Shells, feathers, small stones, small pieces of driftwood, craft glue, glue brush, colored card

shell collage
  • Get a selection of above items together.
  • Give each kid a piece of colored card
  • Get them to place collage items onto card in a design
  • When kids are happy with design they can use glue to fix items onto card

Sea shell Mirror
Sea shell crafts for kids
shell mirror

You will need:Shells, strong craft glue, framed mirror, glue brush, varnish

  • Make sure mirror frame is clean and dry.

  • Kids should apply glue to front of frame only.
  • Put shells in glue around mirror

  • Gently wipe off excess glue from shells
  • Leave to dry

  • Kids can vanish shells and then leave to dry again.
  • Hang mirror on display

Sea Shell Paper Plate Design

You will need:Shells, strong craft glue, blue paint, brushes, paper plate

  • Paint paper plate with blue paint and allow to dry

  • kids should place shells in a design on plate
  • kids can then glue shells on in design

  • Gently wipe off excess glue from shells
  • Leave to dry

  • Kids can vanish shells and then leave to dry again.
  • Make a small hole in edge of plate

  • Attach wool or other thread through hole and hang your design

Shells can be used to decorate all sorts of boxes, baskets, toilet roll holders, tissue box holders etc.

It is easy to use contact cement to attach shells to household objects
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Sea Shell Crafts for Kids

Only take empty shells from beaches.

Don't take shells when diving or from coral reef.

You can purchase shells from craft shops or from the internet.

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