About Us

You may be wondering who we are.

Geoff and I met 22 years ago.

We have gone on to have three children and to adopt a fourth.

Let me introduce you to the family.

My name is Lesley and I'm mum.
  • Before Geoff and I married I was a nanny.
  • Looking after other peoples children gave me lots of experience with children.
  • I learnt from the good and not so good parenting that I saw.
  • In the last 10 years I have helped out at our Church kids club with Geoff.
  • Our older kids took over our jobs in kids club earlier this year.
  • I also look after the Children's Church producing activities, crafts, teaching and games.

Meet my husband Geoff

  • Geoff is my husband and friend and co author of this website.
  • He works full time in a care home for young autistic adults.
  • Geoff also helps with our Church kids club.
  • For 10 years he has enjoyed leading games for the kids.
  • He also taught our eldest son how to prepare and lead the games time.

Meet our eldest son Jack:

    Jack is now setting up his own business.
  • He was been home educated from the age of 7.
  • He loves to play the drums and has taught himself and now plays in our Church band.
  • Recently at a talent show he played the drums alongside a friend and did a good job. this has inspired him to get a better set of drums.
  • Jack has taken dad's place at kids club and runs the club now with help from a group of leaders.

Meet our daughter Sammy.

  • Sammy was home schooled for a few years then chose to go into mainstream for senior school.
  • She has done very well; being one of the top students in her year.
  • Sammy is now going to start a degree in youth work
  • She may then train to be a teacher and then open her own school.
  • She helps out at kids club too when she is around.
  • It's great to see the young people leading the younger kids.

Our two eldest children have attended a year long leadership training course at

South West Equipping and Training

The heart of SWEAT is to practically equip leaders within the Church, community, family and market place with a Christ-centred foundation enabling them to make godly decisions that will sustain them in every area of their life and ministry.

SWEAT is designed for people of all ages, both singles and married couples, even families with children. The only prerequisite is to be young at heart and be ready to have your life accelerated into the fast lane with God in the drivers seat.

Meet our youngest son Ben:

  • He is the joker of the family.
  • Ben also chose to go back into mainstream school for his senior years.
  • Ben will get by because of his fun outgoing personality.
  • He is doing his second year on a construction course at college.
  • He also helps out at kids club.

Meet our youngest daughter Ruby:

  • Ruby is coming up to 12.
  • She is on the autistic spectrum and life can sometimes be difficult for her.
  • She is attending a special school that meets her complex needs.
  • At times she can quite sweet and has a sense of humour.
  • Life with her is a challenge but keeps us on our feet.
  • She has a lot to give and we will encourage her to meet her potential.
  • Ruby attends the kids club at Church.
  • She enjoys it as the people running it understand her needs and can redirect her as necessary.

Well thats the family.

Oh wait!

We also have a dog called Marble, a parrot called Jasper and a snake called Mr bitey(yes he does bite).

Oh; and I mustn't forget the two guinea pigs kaira and Maisie.

We hope you enjoy the site and find the information you need.

The kids will add pages, as well as us, as we go on so keep checking back.

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