Crafts For Kids - Easy Crafts For Kids

"Easy crafts for kids - Learning to put something of themselves into items that they craft for others; which could then become a lifelong passion!"

Here are some easy kids crafts for you to do - fun kids crafts for you to use and enjoy.

Crafts are a good way to stimulate your child's senses.

You will find them a good way of giving your kids time and teaching them skills.

Where you can, sit down with the children, craft alongside them. Encourage experimentation.

Easy crafts for kids cannot be done wrong, it doesn't matter if a craft doesn't turn out as expected as it's the doing and having fun that counts.

Crafting Tips

Tip 1 Crafting can be messy so to reduce your stress, cover tables, put plastic sheeting on floors and get the youngsters to wear protective clothing.

Tip 2 Keep leftover craft materials for more easy crafts for kids later.

Tip 3 Keep empty yoghurt containers and loo roll inserts..and other cardboard tubes Keep a good stock of glue, cellotape and different kids of kids paints.

Tip 4 Have a stock of kid safe scissors, left handed kids will need to use left handed scissors.

Crafts are a great way to learn hand eye coordination. Planning and Design skills. Overcoming problems. Patience and time. Personal Achievement.

Learning to put something of themselves into items that they craft for others; which could then become a lifelong passion.

You will love our christmas crafts page

Easy and cheap decorations and gifts.

Let your kids get crafty this christmas

Have a great christmas

Play Dough Recipe

You will love our quick and easy homemade play dough.

Simply make with all purpose flour, oil, salt, cream of tartar and boiling water.

Look at the garden and collect bits from nature such as leaves, feathers, small pebbles and petals.

You can use these for our gardening craft section

Great for summer and fall activities

Great ideas for bookmarks.

How about making some really easy book corners using the corners from envelopes.

Have fun

How about some great summer crafts.

keep your kids busy with these crafts.

From sandart to painting skateboards, something for all your kids to do.

Garden Spider Ornament.To make this Garden Spider and other fabulous spider ornaments, see the step-by-step tutorial and photos on the How To Arts and website.

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