Scavenger Hunts For Kids

Your family will love these scavenger hunts for kids.

They are ideal for all kinds of situations and in all kids of places.

Kids young and old get a lot of enjoyment from these hunts.

It is funny but there is always a great sense of excitement for all who take part in these hunts

We first made our own when the oldest kids were young around three or four.

Their Dad drew shapes on the back of an old rug in our kitchen.

The shapes were different colors ie red triangle, yellow squares etc.

Dad then drew the same shapes on pieces of paper, one shape on each piece. the children had to go find them and then match them to the shapes on the rug.

This type of scavenger hunt can be done using numbers and objects.

They can help you to teach your children in a fun way.

Kids feel a real sense of achievment too when they succeed.

Here you will find a collection of scavenger hunts for kids activities which you will find really useful.

Once we started doing these hunts we realised their potential.

Going for walks took on new meaning for the children when they could look for things on the way.

Wet days were not boring days as the they set off through the house looking for items. Every so often a hunt in the garden would keep the Kids and their friends busy.

Scavenger hunts for kids on the internet teaches them independent research skills. Kids learn best and take more information in when they are having fun.

They are fun for the whole family and great for children and teen parties.

Follow the links below to find scavenger hunts for kids.

Be inspired to create your own as well.

Try these educational internet scavenger hunts. These are for children but they may need your help.

Internet Scavenger Hunts for kids

These hunts are great for walks, trips out, the beach and even your backyard.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Lots more ideas for childrens scavenger hunts.

Ideas for Scavenger Hunts

Try these scavenger hunts for all the family

Family Scavenger Hunts

Some great indoor scavenger hunts for those rainy days.

Indoor Scavenger Hunts

Bored kids on a journey. Try these hunts with the kids.

Travel scavenger Hunts

These are hunts for the younger kids.

Young Kids Scavenger Hunts

Mall Scavenger Hunts

Easter Scavenger Hunts

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