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Water Cycle for Kids
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We have been learning about the water cycle for kids.

Did you know that the water in your drink was around in the days of dinosaurs?

This is because the earth has a water cycle that cycles around from earth to sky and back again.

No new water is added to the water cycle.

Only 1% of the earth's water is available for us to drink.

A huge 97% of earth's water is salty water in the seas.

We enjoyed making a big collage of the water cycle too.

Take look at this water cycle video which describes the process well. The song is quite catchy as well.

I like this rap about the hydrological process

Check this out to see a presentation you could do once you have finished learning about water.

Try these worksheets to go with it, this is a 15 page book with activities and information about water here

Try this quiz at here

This site has some great kids pages. There are lots of really great facts about weather, you will find stories, activities and safety information such as how to stay safe during a hurricane.

Here is a great site about the water cycle for kids This site contains worksheets, coloring pages and activity pages for young children of 2 upwards.

The site has some good information and we really liked their game to see how much water is used throughout a home here

Make a terrarium and record what you see here A terrarium is a sealed container in which you grow small plants. A small water cycle happens in this environment.

Why not keep a container outside in which you can collect rain and record the amount of rain collected. Also watch what happens to the rain collected once the sun comes out.

To show the three states of water:

Boil water in a kettle or saucepan and record what you see. Pour some of this water into a shallow container and allow to cool. Once the water s cool place into a freezer, show your children what has happened. Leave the container out of the freezer and see what happens next and record your findings by pictures or words.

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