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Entertaining Math Games for Kids
Kids Math Games

Entertaining Math Games for Kids - kids math help for your kids - math for kids. Advice, Tips and Math Games for Kids for Developing the Little 'Thinkers' in Our Lives

by the 'Dad in the House'

Any kids math games are valuable as they let them exercise their befuddled (I think) brain cells.

I've always been aware that once our little ones achieve crawling status they are into everything! Of course they're then into the curiosity stage, 'what does this do ... and what does that do? ... Is this edible ... yukk! it's not ... oh this is good Mum and Dad are panicking.'

It's the start of the higher thinking brain functions starting to kick in ... our kids have to make sense of everything, how everything works ... and how does it work for me!

Kids Math is the one of those final 'logical' skill our kids need to get to grips with. If we make the learning process 'interesting' or 'entertaining' they can develop these brain processes in a new and fun way. This involves us and they then value us as much as we value them

Below is a selection of math games for kids we used to great effect. You may well be surprised ... maybe you have a potential Einstein in the family!

Math Games for Kids - Kids Math Games try our selection below

Math Games Equipment Key


'up for it' kid (or kids)!!


needs pen and paper

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Numero Searcho Game

blue_with_bullet_circle Think up a small number...probably no more than 9.

blue_with_bullet_circle Shout the number aloud.

blue_with_bullet_circle Send them off to find 'things' which match that number in some way. e.g. Nine light switches downstairs...Eight sides on a dice...Four legs on a chair...Two slots in a toaster.

Variationsarrow Use a busy picture for them to search in...being observant when out and about shopping...looking about when driving in the car. here to return to math games selection

maths-game-pen-and-paper Total Dice Game

blue_with_bullet_circle Find a Dice.

blue_with_bullet_circle Tell them to roll the dice twice noting the numbers rolled.

blue_with_bullet_circle Get them to add the numbers together using pen and paper.

Variationsarrow Do it in their heads...subtract the smallest number from the biggest number...multiply the numbers. here to return to math games for kids selection

maths-game-pen-and-paper Spend or Bust Game

blue_with_bullet_circle Give them a large amount of pretend money, in the hundreds perhaps.

blue_with_bullet_circle Give them a catalogue to look through e.g.a shopping catalogue or toy catalogue.

blue_with_bullet_circle Using a pen and paper, spend their money exactly.

Variationsarrow Spend money on only Mum or Dad...on their friends...on things for holiday. here to return to math games selection

Order the Family Game

blue_with_bullet_circle Decide on something like shoe sizes.

blue_with_bullet_circle Get them to line up the family in increasing shoe size.

Variationsarrow Try birth dates...Age!!...Cleverness (should be fun)...Beauty...Happiness. here to return to math games selection

How Long's a Piece of String Game

blue_with_bullet_circle Without them seeing you, cut a bit of string the length of 'something' in the house e.g.length of a table, width of a doorway.

blue_with_bullet_circle Get them to look for a match for that measurement until they find it.

Variationsarrow Double the string (letting them know you did that of course)....use a short string and say it's four times (or whatever) that bit of string... here to return to math games selection

maths-game-pen-and-paper Time's Up Game

blue_with_bullet_circle Look at a clock and get them to note the numbers both of the hands are pointing at e.g if it's 10:20 the numbers are 10 and 20.

blue_with_bullet_circle Get them to add the numbers together using pen and paper.

Variationsarrow Do it in their heads...subtract the smallest number from the biggest number...multiply the numbers...divide (if easy enough) here to return to math games selection

maths-game-pen-and-paper Weight For Me Game

blue_with_bullet_circle Get out the kitchen scales.

blue_with_bullet_circle Find two different objects and let them hold them and see if they can tell which is the heaviest object.

blue_with_bullet_circle Use the kitchen scales to check.

Variationsarrow See if they can guess the weight of something...use a collection of small items e.g.carrots and see if they can accurately halve them in weight (without using knives)...see if they can make many peas weigh the same as a vegetable of some kind ...

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    Use the math games for kids on this page or think up similar ones adapted to your environment. Perhaps you have a large garden, a nearby field. perhaps you and your family are visiting a beach, or at the shops.


    • Kids need to be taught about numbers and the number system - How to solve problems and how to do calculations.
    • Kids also need to be taught about shape, space and measures - Two and Three dimensional... shapes, position, measurement and their movement.
    • They also need to be taught about data handling - Data collection and organisation and putting into diagrams and graphs, then using it to answer the problem.


    Indoor maths games for kids will not need a lot of resources use the familiar objects around you. Chairs, Cushions, Items in the Kitchen, Crayons ... For outdoor maths fun use Stones, Flowers, Bricks in a wall. All these items have shapes, size, position and properties such as four corners, colour, weight.

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