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Homeschool Preschool
Preschool Homeschool

TeachingHomeschool preschool children can be a lot of fun. It is really an extension of what you have already been doing in teaching your little ones.

Teaching your preschool homeschool child should not intimidate you. After all havn't you already taught your little one to talk, use the toilet, eat, walk, put toys away say please and thank you etc? Your preschooler needs a routine, a friendly, fun learning environment and love to flourish in homeschooling.


You will find that there are plenty of learning opportunities, as you go about your day. After all, you can play matching and sorting games with socks, preschool math such as counting can be practised as you go up and downstairs. You can practise writing numbers and learn about time as you go about living. Talk about shapes as part of your conversation e.g what shape is this apple, or let's use this square piece of paper to color on.


Don't forget nursery rhymes when teaching language skills. Preschool children can start to recognise the starting and ending sounds of words. You can have fun with working out the rhyming words. Nursery rhymes help with memory skills as well. Fingerplays help your toddler with those motor skills. Check out these nursery rhymes.

PRESCHOOL READING for homeschool preschool

Preschool reading can be practised whilst reading your childs favorite books and helping your little one do research on their favorite interests. Reading can be practised while playing board games, cooking, and reading TV listings and on preschool learning online websites.


Preschool alphabet activities can be fun and will help your preschooler to learn their letters. You can use alphabet worksheets, create craft letters, check out this lovely site at draw letters in the air, and use playdoh to make letter shapes.

Preschool writing can be practised by making cards or writing little notes to loved ones during homeschool time. You can let your preschooler practise writing by drawing shapes in sand. Do coloring activities to encourage good pencil control. Your little one can have fun with pavement chalks.


Fine motor skills need to be developed for activities such as writing so any activity that helps to develop these skills is good.

Do lacing with your preschooler, threading buttons or macaroni onto thread, playing with building blocks and doing puzzles can all help develop these fine motor skills.

PRESCHOOL SCIENCE for homeschool preschool

Preschool science can be taught by getting out in the world and simply exploring. Our kids have always loved scavenger hunts and these are great for getting them to notice the things around them Gardening activities will help your little ones understand how plants grow. You can see your food grow.

Find insects in the earth and look at them carefully. Things that float can be checked out at bathtime. Germs can be talked about whilst learning about using the toilet. Explore the three states of water by making lollies etc.

There are plenty of homeschool preschool resources to find on the internet but also at your local library and bookshop. You can sit with your preschooler and play preschool educational games that are fun online.

Don't forget about socialisation. Get together with other families who homeschool, meet with friends at the park. Check out local activities such as clubs to see if there are any your preschooler will enjoy.

PRESCHOOL CURRICULUM for homeschool preschool

If you don't feel comfortable homeschooling putting your own resources together, then you can find free curriculum online. Alternatively it is possible to purchase homeschool preschool curriculum.

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