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Advertising On This Site offers unique, well-priced, custom-designed and targeted advertising options that will reach your customers and brand your business.

On the Web, you reach a highly targeted audience, visitors to our website are arriving via specific keywords. Of course, advertising sees it's best results when placed in front of a target audience 24/7. Persistent, repetitive, and positive advertising gets results that are long lasting.

Advertising on the right website for your product or services will mean highly targeted, pre-sold visitors, for your site or product. draws an audience of parents, carers, schools and homeschool families from around the world.

As you can see by this chart from Google Insights activities for kids is well searched for throughout the year...

Our Google Ranking ranks on the first page of Google search for the following keywords:

(To see this at your end, type in any of the below keywords into a Google search and you will see on the first page of Google.)

  • Best pets for kids
  • Butterfly lesson plans for kids
  • Chocolate recipes for kids
  • Kids baking recipes
  • Sea shell crafts for kids has many more keywords that rank on the first 2 pages on Google. This gives you an idea of the quality of this site.

Advertising rates
  • Our rates have been worked out using the following criteria:
  • traffic (site-wide or specific pages)
  • value to the sponsor
  • ad format/size/prominence.

We offer the following levels of advertising:

Banner ads: 560px by 90px (horizontal) or 160px by 600px (vertical)the ad is supplied by you, Banner links to specified location on your site, opening a new page. Banner ads will be placed near the top of the page, or throughout text or at the bottom of the page. These adds can also be placed as skyscraper ads in the left or right column. Page containing banner may be shared with Google Adsense ads or other third party advertisements. ($35 per month per page)

Text link / short editorial: Link to specific location on your site, opening a new page. Page containing link / editorial may be shared with Google Adsense ads or other third party advertisement. ($10 per month per page)

225px square ad with your logo, a brief discription and a link (supplied by you) ($20 per month per page)

Feature page - editorial, links and images (supplied by you). No Google Adsense or other advertiser on the same page. ($40 per month,per page)

Rates will be discounted for those paying for three, six or 12 months in advance.

Custom advertising: Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to chat about an advertising form I haven't listed.

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Terms and Conditions arelooking for advertisers that can benefit from advertising to a targeted market and who will add value to our visitors.

We reserve the right to decline any advertising that is deemed unsuitable to its visitors.

All the advertising and payment options advertised above are subject to availability and review.

All links will be no-follow as per Google's policy on paid links.

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