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This article is about product reviews.

After being parents for eighteen years, many toys, electronics, games and others we have given our expertise here.

Nintendo Wii

We'll start with a Nintendo Wii and the Wii fit which have brought our family a lot of enjoyment. They are good fun and good excercise too...check out our reviews here

The Nintendo wii is suitable from 3 to 99 and is fun for all, with various types of gameplay. You can read some more about it here.

Digital Cameras

Kids love digital cameras and you can now get cameras for kids as young as 2 Check out our reviews here

Cell Phones

Are you looking for cell phones for kids. Read our article first. Find out the good the bad and the ugly about cell phones for kids.


After 18 years of parenting we have been through our fair share of books together. From great baby and toddler books to fact and fiction for older kids, we will do reviews of our favorite books for kids.

Why not check out our biographies for kids


Read product reviews about the best kid toys at our page on toy shopping

Check out our reviews for a fabulous toy for older kids Thinkfun Rush Hour. Great toy with fab reviews and it does not need batteries.

Need travel games to help those journeys go by a little better, try Kids Travel Games: - Spot It

We will do product reviews for toddler educational toys. What a lot of money we can spend on toys. Check out our our ideas for educational toys.

Construction toys are great for kids. Much can be made and kids can be creative as they are constructing whatever their hearts desire. They can keep kids and dads amused for many an hour.

Board Games

We will share our favorite kids board games, this is one of our favorite family pastimes. Read about the best games we have played from junior monopoly to Trouble for younger players.

Wnat to know about the game bananagrams, check out our review here at toy shopping bananagrams

check back often as we update this page.

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