Christmas Activities for Kids
Christmas Ideas For Kids

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These christmas ideas for kids should help keep the kids occupied in the run up to christmas.

Why not print off a coloring page from our christmas coloring pages. After your children have finished them you could scan them in and then upload them to our kids work pages to show them off.

Kids Christmas Games

All sorts of games to play at christmas on our kids christmas games page.


Our kids christmas crafts page has some easy crafts to do for christmas. Glitter ornaments and easy homemade placemats take their place on this crafts page

Christmas Activities for kids - Cooking

Why not get cooking for christmas with our great easy kids christmas cookies recipes. Cookies are easy to make, and enjoyable to eat. They make great gifts too so why not make some cookies as gifts for people your children know.

Our kids christmas recipes include recipes such as chocolate gingerbread and spiced ornaments for the tree.

Christmas Activities for kids - Games

Kids christmas games are a great way to spend time together and keep the kids happy. Check out our page on kids board games to see which board games are our favorites. Our kids love to play monopoly and it is a game which you can start playing then come back to if necessary. If you need to but a monopoly board game then go to our junior monopoly page and check out all the different monopoly board games that there are.

Here are 4 games to print off and play. These are great for families and are easy to just pick up and do as they require no preparation.


This christmas wordsearch will keep the kids occupied for a while. A wordsearch in the shape of a christmas tree.

Another christmas wordsearch for the kids to do.

A christmas crossword will get those brain cells working.

Here is a nativity crossword great for checking knowledge of the christmas story.

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