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Are you looking for wii reviews for kids?

wii reviews We own a Wii along with other consoles, Xbox 360 and the Playtation.

The reason we bought the Nintendo wii is because we like to play games with the kids.

As we are old!!! we find it difficult to use the controls on other consoles The wii is easy for us and we only have to press up to two buttons at once.

So it's great.

We feel the wii offers good family gaming.

Mario Party 8 is great as we can sit down and play a game which is similar in a way to an interactive board game.

You can each design your own character which you can use in various games. Kids can even transport their mii to another players system (not sure how, we havn't tried this yet)

.Come on in

So what about wii reviews for the kids?

wii reviews for kidsOur kids love it.

The wii offers games and exercising in one.

As we have four controls we enjoy playing tennis as a family.

The sounds are quite realistic, which is great you feel like you are really playing.

The controls are easy to use and each game has on screen instructions.

We like the varied types of game the wii offers.

Kororinpa is a challenging game of balancing.

Wii sports is an active game

There are role playing strategy games and games like Raving Rabids which has lots of different activities.

Wii reviews for kids Recently we added wii fit to our wii

Wow it's great, a lot of fun.

There is yoga, strength training, aerobics and balancing.
wii fit

The wii fit offers the body test

As well as exercising it offers games such as skiing and snowboarding.
The hula hooping and football games are hilarious to watch someone doing.

You try doing the tightrope balancing. wii reviews for kids

Our teens are using the wii fit as a way of exercising and having fun.

Our youngest autistic daughter enjoys the active games. Her friend who also has some difficulties find it hard to balance and he enjoys this the wii. I think the wii fit could be quite a useful tool for children who have difficuly balancing.

It helps to increase the kids coordination.

Our youngest son really enjoys the jogging and is now doing long jogs every day with his mii.

The wii fit starts you off at a low level of movement which increases as you spend time on it.

More levels are unlocked as you get better.

We really enjoy the wii fit it gives a very different active experience to the wii.

So as a family we would really recomend the Wii.

It is great fun and offers something different to each of us.

If you are looking for gaming from young to old, with a difference this is it.

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