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Indoor Scavenger Hunts For Kids

Enjoy these indoor scavenger hunts for kids, have fun and don't forget to have a go at creating your own hunts. If your kids are still bored afterwards then why not try our coloring for kids pages

Here you will find a collection of indoor scavenger hunts for kids activities which you will find really useful.

Hunt 1.

Try this with kids and adults working separately if you don't have teams.

The idea with this is to find items that begin with all the letters of the alphabet. for example: a = apple, b = bottle, c = cup etc.

First one back wins.

This is great fun in bigger groups too.

Hunt 2

Try this with younger kids


Something red.

Something yellow.

Something green.

Something with 4 sides.

Something round.

Something square.

Something orange

Something white.

A fruit.

A vegetable.

Something with 4 legs.

A picture.

Hunt 3

Pick the kids favorite TV characters.

Send them off to find items that will spell out the name.

They should then lay these items out in correct order to spell out the name.

Hunt 4


Something you eat with

A pink top

A holey sock

A tie round a neck

A shoelace

A knot

A brush

A pencil

Something you write with

A coin

A map

A story about a mouse

A plug,

A photograph of you as a baby

A sketch of layout of your house

A handkerchief

A bar of soap

Something that smells sweet

A journal entry

A hat

Once you have done these try out our family scavenger hunts. Our internet scavenger huntspage has 4 hunts guaranteed to get the kids thinking.

To get inspired check out our page on ideas for scavenger hunts

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