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Ideas for Scavenger Hunts
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Coming up with ideas for scavenger hunts can be a little time consuming. We hope you will find these scavenger hunts for kids inspiring.

Why not try a scavenger hunt in the dark using torches.

Get a load of penny pieces, we collect them in smartie tubes. next time the kids are bored scatter the pennies around the garden or house for them to find. A hundred pennies is only a pounds worth and should take the kids a while to find them all.

Themes work well especially for kids birthday parties. you can do them around the kids interests. They will take some organising beforehand and you may need to purchase items to hide

What about a pirate theme, you can then hide coins as treasure, a pirates flag, a skull and crossbones, eye patches parrots feathers, jewels etc. you could make up a treasure map or do clues.

More ideas for scavenger hunts:

Museum scavenger hunt:

Then make up a list that will include kids getting a printed guide from the museum. Make up questions that are not just about the exhibits but also about the environment. This encourages kids to take notice of everything around them.

Have a prize for kid who gets most answers correct.

Why not have a bake scavenger hunt:

Hide the utensils, bowls and ingredients around the house. Tell kids they are looking for things that shouldn't be there ie bowl in bath Once kids have found some items ask them to guess what they might be doing next.

Here you will find a collection of ideas for scavenger hunts for kids activities which you will find really useful.

Hunt 1.
How about an active scavenger hunt. Adult needs a camera or video camera. list:

Jump on trampoline ten times

Throw a bean bag in a bucket

Skip 10 times without missing

Find the treasure (pennies in bucket of sand)

Find the tin of nuts and bolts and screw them together

Blow a bubble (biggest wins)

Hop from one point to another point

keep a ball in the air for 2 minutes

with pavement chalk create a design

hang objects on a tree

Wrap a kid in tissue paper like a mummy

Hunt 2.

Have your kids hunt for items at the grocery store.

Write items for kids to collect for you on a list.

If kids are young keep labels off tins and packaging. The kids can look for items with the same labels

If your child needs more help take photographs of items to make up a list.



Baked beans





etc. make up your own list for your weekly shopping

Hunt 3

Garden Scavenger hunt for kids.

Find some ants

Take a photo of a butterfly

Find a leaf with 3 points

Find something square

Find something hard

Find something that smells fragrant

Find something prickly

Find something yellow

Find something smooth

Find something beginning with G

Find something soft

A snail

A woodlouse

A worm

More ideas for scavenger hunts
Hunt 4

Magazine Scavenger hunt for kids.


Get kids to cut pictures out of a magazine. do one of the following suggestions


Anything that is red

Any items that start with the letter P

Any items that can be used as a tool.

Anything you can eat, or anything you can cook with

A picture for each letter of alphabet (difficult)

Anything that can be worn.

Hunt 5

Magazine Scavenger hunt for kids.


Get kids to cut words out of a magazine.

The kids could cut out individual letters and stick together on sheet of paper to make up words

















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