Signs and Symptoms of Autism

You will find the first part on autism signs here.

Don't forget that each child is different and each will vary in the way they present with signs of autism.

Autism Signs -FLEXIBILITY OF THOUGHT - Imagination

  • Your child may have inappropriate attachment to objects
  • Your child may find it difficult to play imaginatively
  • You may notice that your child simply lines up toys or stacks blocks such as lego and that is it.
  • You may notice your child is very inflexible around changes i.e. in routine.
  • Some people believe that these kids lack empathy, however, most parents would say their children do show empathy.
  • Your child may be very inflexible in their thought processes.
  • Your child may believe that you know things that they do, i.e you think the same as they do, this is called theory of mind.
  • Your child may only understand black and white concrete speech, any grey areas will confuse so if you say "maybe", "later". "I'll think about it" you may find they get confused or angry.


  • ·  Your child may react to noise (puts hand over ears all the time)
  • ·  Dislikes bright lights or certain kinds of light.
  • ·  May hate to be touched(not all kids with autism dislike hugs)
  • ·  May hate hair to be brushed.
  • ·  Your child may dislike baths or the drying afterward.
  • ·  Your child may resist certain clothing (tight, stitching on inside, materials etc.)
  • ·  Food may be an issue(textures, colors, smell,taste)to be avoided or may eat anything (called pica) including non edible items like wallpaper or stones.
  • ·  Your child may dislike buildings of a certain height, tall trees, moving cars etc.
  • ·  Your child may dislike smells of people or buildings.
  • ·  Your child may love the taste of only certain foods.
  • ·  Your child may love the feel of certain objects and want to touch them all the time.
  • ·  Your child may hate light touch such as being brushed against, but may love to be wrapped tightly in a blanket or being hugged tightly.
  • ·  Your child may be obsessive about jumping on the trampoline or may love the motion of a swing. is dedicated to looking at the early autism signs.

To find out who to speak to about referring your child for Early Intervention services in your area, you can contact the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities or call 1-800-695-0285 Your local Department of Health or Department of Mental Health may also provide you with information on how you may apply for Early Intervention services in your state.

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