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Temple Grandin

A wonderful film that gives a wealth of insight into autism

Educational! Insightful! Heartwarming! are just some of the reviewers comments about this film.

It portrayed a woman who not only made the best of her disadvantages but managed to overcome them. She didn't stop being autistic - but she learned to cope and to understand what she DID have to offer was of exceptional value.

The movie follows Temple on her way to college, through college, and after her graduation with flashbacks on her past.

This is a powerful and important movie that you'll want to watch more than once

. Temple Grandin the unforgettable movie.

I'm In Here - The Anthem For Autism

Grab your tissues for this one.

CSULB - Temple Grandin - Focus on Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

An amazing speaker! Brilliant and to the point, A video for parents and carers of children with autism, people with autism as well as medical, educational and service providers for people with autism

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