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Homeschooling socialization. How many of us are aware or been told by well meaning family and friends that our children will grow up without the ability to socialize with others?

Most of us just wish to do the best for our children, and certainly there does not appear to be much evidence that a home educated child is any less sociable as an adult.

In fact our now adult children are able to socialize with people of all ages and are strong, independent young adults who have empathy with and enjoy the company of others.

There are some things that you can do to ensure your child has plenty of opportunities to develop positive relationships and be able to socialize with people of all ages.

After all when else in life do you need to be with your peer group once you are an adult?

The first link I would make would be with a local homeschooling group. Not only are these great for your child but they are also a good opportunity for you to share ideas, to get support and to develop relationships with like minded parents or carers.

You can find out about groups by checking online or by checking out your local library or children's centre.

Do group projects with children from other homeschooling families.

If you set your homeschooling schedule so that you have school holidays the same as other children, your kids can access holiday clubs.

Encourage your children to take up a drama class or dance or other such hobbies will help your child to meet like minded children.

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Encouraging your child to make friends with local children by having them for DVD nights and sleepovers.

Join local football or other sports clubs. If you do things like this as a family it will help a shy child to join in.

Find information on local community get togethers or local walks in any local publications you have, in your local library, or the doctors. Listen to the radio to hear of events that you could go to to meet other people.

If there is no homeschooling support group in your are then think about starting one. All of these thing will help with homeschooling socialization.

Our family greatly benefited from having a church family with whom we have spent many a pleasant hour.

Our children have not suffered from homeschooling socialization, in fact they are very sociable and are able to communicate with children and adults of all ages.

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