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Homeschooling Requirements
Home School Requirements

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Requirements for homeschooling vary from state to state, make sure you know the law in your state.

For information about starting out check out our start homeschooling page

Due to the many issues of public schools today any families are considering homeschooling their children. There are more homeschooling families every year. If you are the parent of a young child approaching school age chances are you have thought of the issue of home schooling versus public schools.

You may have many reasons for this, some families homeschool for religious reasons, others because they have a special needs child, others because they feel it is best academically and others because their children are being bullied or not doing well in school. Public school will never suit all children as it is impossible for schools to cater to the individual needs of each and every child.
Homeschooling Requirements

Families starting out homeschooling often have many questions. Questions can be around homeschooling socialization, record keeping, how to home school (you can find a free report on this page. Parents also often worry about where to find curriculum, and whether they have to do formal schooling with their children

Many states have certain homeschooling requirements that must be met by families. These are in place is to be sure that children who are taken out of public schools are indeed being home schooled. There are also standardized tests which must be administered to each child based on their grade level as well.

The very first step in home schooling is to learn the laws for your particular state regarding this process. Some states require that they be notified as to intent to home school your child while others do not so be sure you find out what your state requires. The following website can give you the specific requirements for your state.

Talking to other parents of home schooled children will be valuable in finding relevant information about the homeschooling process They also will know where you can get hold of resources and may be valuable to do group activities with. To locate parents in your area try contacting your church if you don't already know someone. You can also locate home schooling parents on the internet if necessary. Forums such as and are good places to start.

Most areas will most likely do homeschool inspections, where the local authority visit and check out what you are doing. It is helpful and in some states necessary to keep detailed records including immunisations and medical history. You should also keep records of the curriculum you have chosen, books your child has read and records of your child's work

You can find a list of states and their homeschooling requirements at

This is not always necessary, depending on where you live. Some countries do not do homeschool inspections if your children have never attended school. Other places allow families to practise unschooling, where no formal learning necessarily takes place. It is probably still good to keep a record of what you have done though, even if it takes the form of photographs

  • Your state might have homeschooling requirements such as:
  • Needing to provide education for a stated number of days a year.
  • The parent needing qualifications (you can pay a tutor instead)
  • Monthly reports sent to the local superintendent
  • A yearly report
  • Particular subjects to be taught

For home educating in the UK check out for a list of homeschooling requirements

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