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Home School Schedule
Homeschool Scheduling

Ahome school schedule is important for structuring your year. Whether you want to know how to home school or you want to learn about homeschooling programs, you will find the information here

Now that you have begun your homeschooling schedule, there are various questions that might worry you. We were worried about whether we should study continuously, take a number of short breaks or a long vacation. Are you thinking about working during public holidays? When you should take a break?

One advantage of homeschooling is that you can do whatever suits you and your family the best. You do not have to follow a set pattern or follow school timetables and holidays.

In fact home educating allows you to be flexible, some families who unschool do not follow a curriculum and learning is part of their daily lives. Initially though you might want to set a home school schedule, you might even continue to use a schedule.

Before you plan your home school schedule you will need to decide how you will educate your children.

  • These need to be taken into consideration:
  • Decide which method of schooling you will follow; this may be determined by your child's learning style.
  • How many hours per day can you give to schooling?
  • Do you work part time and so need to plan in education around this.
  • Is another adult going to be involved and you need to take into account their schedule?
  • The curriculum you may want to follow
  • The amount of written work that needs to be done
  • The age of your child; the older the child the more time is generally spent on work
Don't forget to schedule in homeschooling socialization times such as clubs or church activities.

Decide whether you are going to follow school holidays or take time at other periods. We found as a homeschool family that the kids appreciated being on a break at the same time as their school friends. We mostly stuck to that although we took advantage of cheaper holidays that are available during a school ter Your children can also benefit from the various summer activities, camps and classes that go on during holiday time

Remember not to let your home school schedule get in the way of natural learning possibilities. If you have the opportunity to do something that will provide a rich learning experience away from home, take it. Don't get stuck so rigidly into a routine that you forget to live life to the full. Check out the advantage of homeschooling.

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