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This article is about frugal grocery shopping. Frugal living takes a bit of planning and organisation. Frugal grocery shopping is usually an area in which the amount we spend can be flexible. As we have 4 kids our grocery bill can be extremely high.

Here are some of the tips that have helped us to reduce our grocery bills.

  • 1. Don't go shopping when you are hungry. We seem to spend more if we shop when hungry especially the kids.
  • Eat before you go then you won't be tempted to buy snacks.
  • 2. Try not to take kids with you. They hate shopping anyway and may try to tempt you into buying stuff for them.
frugal grocery shopping
  • 3. Go through your cupboards and fridge and freezer before you go grocery shopping. Make a list of items that you need.
  • Stick to your list.
  • 4. Make a menu either a weekly or two weekly menu with the frugal recipes. this way you will know exactly what you need.
  • When you create your menu organise your meals so that you can freeze batches of a meal. You may be able to cook more so that you can have that meal for lunch the next day.
Frugal Grocery Shopping
  • 5. Collect coupons. Cut them out of the paper and join loyalty programmes at stores to take advantage of their offers.
  • Make sure you keep your coupons organised before you go grocery shopping so you know what you can save on each week.
  • 6. Check the end caps of aisles in the store first. Stores tend to have the best offers there as a way of enticing you up the aisle.
  • 7. Try the cheaper store brands which often taste the same as named brands. From experience we have found that ketchup, baked beans and mayonnaise as well as salad cream need to be named brands to keep our older kids
  • happy. Other than that we use store brands which can be significantly cheaper.
  • 8. If you have to buy soft drinks, buy the 2 litre bottles instead of cans. This will save you money.
  • kids are much better off though drinking low sugar squash, or water
Frugal Grocery Shopping
  • 9. Look for specials, Stores tend to sell items such as fresh items for special prices as they reach their sell by dates.
  • Buy meat like this and cook the same day and freeze.
  • 10. Shop online, this saves both time and money. You don't have to go to the store, great if you have kids, you can still get the same offers and use coupons.
  • The great thing is that it is then delivered to your door. This is what we do now and I have never regretted it.
  • 11. Cut back on meat meals. We have made big savings this way and the kids enjoy most of our meals.
  • We use Quorn or lentils or beans instead of meat in some meals. As well as saving money these meals can be made quite quickly, so save you time as well.
  • 12. Make your own cleaning products, as well as saving money we can be greener.
  • If you don't want to make your own detergent then use half the recomended amount of powder in each wash.
  • 13. Try to only shop once a week for groceries so you are not tempted to spend more money than you need.
  • If you are looking for specials then just go to the area that these are in, don't be tempted to go anywhere else in the store.
Frugal Grocery Shopping
  • 14. Buy in bulk, but only when the item in on offer and is cheaper, check the unit price to see the saving, bigger is not always cheaper.
grocery shopping
  • 15. Check out your local farmers market for seasonal fresh produce.
  • 16. Make your own snacks such as trail mix, popcorn, biscuits and fruit and cereal bars
  • 17. Use leftovers such as cold pizza for kids packed lunches. Cook chicken and use for sandwiches or prepare chicken legs and salad.
Frugal Grocery Shopping
  • 18. Buy big pots of natural yoghurt and add your own flavorings.
  • 19. We freeze milk and bread for the week to save additional trips to the store. to freeze milk pour a little out first to prevent the plastic bottle bursting.
  • The milk will look a bit yellow when frozen but is fine. defrost standing in an empty saucepan for a few hours. Shake well before using.
  • Use within 3 months.
  • 20. Shop with a calculator and take only cash with you. this way you cannot impulse buy, and you can see exactly how much money you are spending.

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