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Pet Ferret for Kids
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This article is all about pet ferret for kids.

pet ferret

Ferrets as pets.

Ferrets belong to the same family as stoats, otters badgers and weasels. This family is called the Mustelidae family.

They are descendents of the wild polecat but are domesticated.

Ferrets can be kept as working animals. This is because they are adept at flushing wild rabbits from their burrows. They are an effective pest control.

Ferrets can also be kept as pets. Ferrets like to live with another ferret.

Ferrets have a strong musky smell.

Ferrets need to be vaccinated against canine distemper and rabies(if in a country where rabies is in existence.

Pet Ferret Care
  • What do ferrets eat? ferrets diet.
  • Ferrets are carnivores(meat eaters)
  • Feed your pat ferret for kids with a good complete dried ferret food available from pet stores.
  • Pet stores may also sell pet meat for your ferret.
  • Ferrets will also eat cooked meat like chicken or day old chicks(available from pet stores).
  • Check out this page for more information
  • Water needs to be freely available via a drip feed bottle, hanging from cage sides.
Pet Ferret for Kids habitats
  • Ferrets need a lot of space to live in, with seperate living areas.
  • Ferrets are escape artists and can get through very small holes(so beware)
  • A cage needs to be very large and on several levels.
  • Ferrets can be kept outdoors.
  • They will need a cage that is off the floor
  • The cage needs to be out of direct sunlight
  • The cage needs to be draft and water proofed.
  • The ferrets will need an enclosed sleeping area.
  • Provide plenty of bedding such as hay or old clothing (it must not get damp)

A garden shed can also be used with an outdoor run for your pet ferret for kids to live in.

  • Ferrets can be kept indoors.
  • Ferrets can be kept in a large cage indoors again with several levels.
  • They will need to be kept away from windows and heat sources such as radiators.
  • If the levels in a cage are wire cover with vinyl offcuts.

In the cages you can put in hammocks. Use a heavy food dish si it does not get tipped over.

Your ferrets could also live free range in your house. You will need to houseproof your ferrets as they chew wires and get into scrapes. Here is a great page about ferret proofing your home

  • Ferrets are generally clean and will use one corner of the cage to use as a toilet.
  • Use paper in this corner or a litter tray.
  • Clean this out once or twice a day to avoid smells.
  • Ferrets can also be trained to use one corner of the room to use as a toilet if free range.
Ferrets treats
  • Pet Ferret for Kids can have very small amounts of treats per day.
  • 3 raisins, a small piece of banana, grape, mashed potato.
  • Treats from a pet store. Grape juice, peanut butter.
Ferrets toys
  • Ferrets like cardboard boxes to play in.
  • Cardboard tubes are great too.
  • They love hammocks
  • Empty paper bags and old shoes are great too.
  • Avoid foam as the ferrets eat this and it can cause blockages in your ferrets digestive system.
Ferrets can catch colds and flu
Ferrets can catch colds and flu from us humans. Avoid handling them if you are ill.
Other pet ferret Info
  • You should neuter your ferrets if not breeding from them.
  • You can bathe your ferret a couple of times a year.
  • They will still smell afterwards.
  • Ferrets sleep a lot during the day but are awake for periods when they will play a lot.
  • Ferrets need to be out of their cage at least 2 hours a day.
This is not an exhaustive article on pet ferret for kids so do some more research if anything is concerning you. Pet ferret for kids are known to get several illnesses if you think your ferret is not well take it to the vets.

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