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Cell Phones For Kids

Are you looking around at cell phones for kids. Do you buy one or not? are your kids nagging you for a cell phone? Our kids are older now and our 15 year old had a cell phone at 13 years old. Our eight year old is desperate to have one but we will hold out until we feel she is resposible enough to have one.

Cell phones for kids can be a blessing and a nightmare. They are great for you to keep in touch with your kids. They can let you know if they are going to be late. If you are out for the day and the kids go a different direction you can plan to meet up later when you phone them. I feel much happier if my kids are out with their phones and i can contact them.

Cell phones can also be a nightmare with out of control bills, your kids lose them, the kids spend all their time on their phones, they lose the ability to do anything without a cell phone stuck to their ears or hands as they text. I have even known of a mom who used to text her daughter (lived in the same house) goodnight.

There are some worries about health for long term use of cell phones and also the safety concerns. How about your kids privacy. how will you protect them from unwanted callers? There is also the added concern if they can access the internet via the cell phone that they visit innapropriate sites or chat rooms.

Our advice would be that you are in control of your kids use of their cell phones. Agree the rules that you want in place before purchasing a cell phone. Make sure that the cell phone doesn't take the place of ordinary conversation. If your family want to go ahead and buy cell phones for your kids here are some things to think about:

  • Teach your kids about the dangers of talking to strangers on their phone.
  • Help them to understand the responsibility that comes with having a cell phone.
  • Who is going to pay for the calls, will it be you or will the money come from pocket money.
  • Will you take out a monthly contract or do pay as you go.
  • Which phone will you purchase.
  • Will you have rules around times of use (not at the table for instance)
Cell phones for kids

There are a few types of cell phones for kids that are being marketed with the 5 to 12 year olds in mind. These phones have parental controls.

There is the firefly mobile which offers pin protected features and pre-paid plan These phones cost from $49

  • Disney Mobile phones are available from
  • The Red Disney Mobile Phone is $49.99 with a two-year contract.
  • The Silver model is $99.95 with two-year contract. There is a Kid Starter Plan with 200 minutes for $24.99 that does not include nights and weekends.
  • There are family alert text messages pre programmed into the phone which means your kids just have to press a button to say "I'll be late home".
  • The parental controls let you restrict the numbers that can be dialed and received. You can also limit the hours of the day and days of the week the phone can be used.
  • The Family Monitor feature, lets you set a monthly allowance for voice minutes, text and picture messages, and downloadable content
  • The Verizon Migo is another young kids cell phone. This has five speed dial buttons only that you can programme on the handset itself or via the internet
  • This phone can be used with VerizonTM optional Chaperon service for an additional charge.
  • This allows you to track your child carrying the phone via your own handset or a pc.
  • offer a cell phones for kids service.
  • With easy to us parental controls you can decide who and when your child can text.
  • A GPS phone locator helps you to keep track of your kids phone online.
  • There are pay as you go or monthly plans with no contacts or termination fees.

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