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Toy Shopping: - Nintendo Wii Hardware Bundle - White

by les

Click to buy Fisher Price Learning Home from Amazon!Nintendo Wii Hardware Bundle - White

Our rating

The Nintendo wii console is easy to set up from the box, ready to go in a few minutes.
Great for families as everyone can have a go if you have more than one controller

The controllers are easy to use; especially for us oldies who struggle with the controllers of the Playstation and Xbox.
The Motion games are very intuitive and easy to use for anyone over the age of 5.

We would suggest rechargeable batteries and charger as the controllers seem to eat batteries.

We love this console as it offers games for single players and also for several players.
There are many types of game to choose from, for instance: role playing games and then active games such as the tennis.

Our youngest daughter loves creating the little mii characters that you create to be your player.
It's amazing how lifelike you can get their features to be too.

You can connect to the internet with the Nintendo wii, whilst it's not that great for surfing it is define worth checking out the weather station.

We have had lots of fun with the wii and enjoyed it so much we also bought the wii fit with balance board.
Again this is easy to use and adds another dimension to gaming.
Our older kids have enjoyed using it for exersise especially jogging and the hoola hooping.
It is actually just as much fun to watch as it is to do.

We think that for overall family entertainment from a game console, Wii is tops and beats the competition.

Our wii has lasted a few years now and is still going strong, it is great for taking along to parties and for when you have friends round too.

If you are looking for hard core gaming though go for one of the other game consoles.

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