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Some of the best advice comes from parents and carers themselves. We have done a survey taken from a range of parents and carers in many different situations. We will share some of their great parenting tips here for all of us to benefit from.

The number one piece of best parenting advice is:

1. Spend quality time with your children.

Many parents with children who have grown up will tell you that the early childhood years go by in the blink of an eye. It is in the first five or so years that your child's character is set. It is vital that you influence your children; duplicating those things of yourselves that are good such as values and morals. It is by active listening and by wanting to spend time with your children that they will know that they are loved

Our adult children still talk about the times we spent as family together having fun or simply just spending time together. Take lots of photographs too, they are fun to look back on and chat about.

2. Don't withhold discipline, a lot of us parents are really concerned that if we discipline our children they won't feel loved. In this day and age the only true discipline has to come from us as parents. If you struggle with this take a look at our page about how to discipline children

The third piece of best parenting advice is:

3. Be consistent:

Children are much happier and behave better when we are consistent with rules and boundaries. To be consistent means that we are to be reliable, steady and in agreement with ourselves (in other words not contradict ourselves)

We can imagine what it would be like if our boss told us how he/she wanted something done one way on one day; then changed his/her mind the next (we wouldn't know where we were or what would be the correct thing to do). It is the same for children and parents.

4. Show your children you love them

I know that for some of us parents it is not so easy to show love by hugging. I would urge you though, to try and overcome this. Children need to be hugged and to feel our arms around them. Let them know you love them by saying that you do.

Additionally putting notes into an older childs lunch box or their bag, is a great find for them. You can make this fun, it shows them that you think about them even when they are not around. The more easy you are with this the more your children will continue to hug and get close to you as they grow.

Your child will need to know that you love them even through the tough times. You can not like the behaviour you see, but your child should always know that you will support them and will encourage them always to do the right thing.

5. Affirming your children

Affirming your child also helps them to feel loved, tell them they are beautiful for instance, let them know when they have done something well, point out the good characteristics you see in them. This helps to build good self esteem and helps your child to feel valued.

Why don't you have your say here and let us know your best parenting advice below.

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