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Toy Shopping - Bananagrams

Click to buy Bananagrams from Amazon!Bananagrams

Our rating

Fabulous game that you can take anywhere

A fun game for all the family, kids can play once they can spell some simple words

An addictive game where everybody plays at the same time.
Each player takes 21 tiles or less if more people are playing
The aim is for each player to create their own crossword. The first player to use all their tiles is the winner.
Sounds easy but it is challenging.

Bananagrams can be played as fast or slow as you want depending on the ability of the players.
Games can be played in twenty minutes or hours if you wish
You can change the rules to suit the players and time that you have

Great time spent together for the family, the type of game our kids love!

What do we love about it:

  • Can be carried in a handbag to be played anywhere

  • Can be played in a short time before or after dinner

  • No board that can be knocked

  • It's simple FUN!!!

A great buy with lots of entertainment value.

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