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Kids Christmas Games - Apple Snap

Hang an apple from a string in the middle of the room. It should be placed so that the apple is at the height of the players heads. One player at a time puts his hands behind his back and attempts to take a bite out of the apple hanging above him.

An alternative game can be played with two players who are not blindfolded. They must keep their hands behind their backs and try to take a bite from the apple at the same time.

Kids Christmas Games - Pinata Game

Fill a reasonable sized paper bag with christmas candy. attach a length of string enough to hang bag from center of room above the players heads. Blindfold one of the players, turn them around three times and give them a stick, and tell to have a go at hitting the bag once. If he misses it, another one tries, and so on; but if he hits it the bag breaks, the candy covers the floor, and the party scramble for it.

Christmas Bits

The players should sit in a circle; each one should choose the name of an object that is around at christmas (for instance, baubles, tinsel, star, christmas cake etc). One person then goes into the centre of the circle with a soft ball. This person then throws the ball at somebody, at the sametime the person in the middler must say the name of the other persons object three times.

The person in the middle must say this very quickly three times before the person holding the ball can say it once. Often the player at whom the ball is thrown is completely bewildered and will not be able to say their object in time. They must then go into the middle. This is a very funny game.

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Christmas Coloring Pages

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Kids Christmas Games - Christmas Observation

Place around ten to twelve christmas objects on a tray or table (the older the players the more objects should be used). Allow players to stand around the table or tray and look at the objects. During that time the aim of each player is to note and remember as many of the things as possible. Cover the objects with a cloth and give the players five minutes in which to write the fullest list they can of the objects seen. The winner of the game is the one who remembers the most objects.

Christmas Charades

As a rule a word of two or three syllables is chosen, the syllables are first acted, then the whole word, and then the audience guess what it was. Try these christmas words:

  • Christmas
  • Holly
  • Present
  • Wisemen
  • Star
  • Shepherds
  • Angel
  • Carols
  • Santa
  • Reindeer
  • Snowman
  • Tinsel
  • Crackers
  • Christmas eve
  • Family

Kids Christmas Games - The Donkey's Tail

Pin The Tail
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On brown paper (wrapping paper does well) draw a good sized donkey without a tail. Fix this with blu tack or cellotape to a door or wall. Cut out a donkey's tail from brown paper, affix a piece of blutack to the underside where the tail will attach to the donkey's body.

Each player in turn then holds the tail at the end with the blu-tack shuts his eyes (or use a blindfold), and, advancing to the donkey, sticks the tail in what he believes to be the right place. Open eyes or take off blindfold to see where you have stuck your tail.

Santa Says

Al players should standing a circle and choose one of the players to be the Santa. His must decide on different things to be done, the funnier the better, which must be obeyed only when the order begins with "Santa says." For instance, "Santa says: 'sit down!'" which, of course, all obey; then perhaps comes: "stand up!" which should not be obeyed, because Santa did not start with "Santa says." Those who get the action wrong must sit out of the game

Kids Christmas Games - Decorate the Christmas Tree

In this game children will decorate a Christmas tree whilst blindfolded. Stand a small tree on a table with all the decorations nearby. Blindfold the children one at a time, lead them to the table. The child must take the first item of decoration that they touch

Turn the child around three times and point him towards the tree to be decorated. The child must attach their decoration to the tree as they think best. Turn the tree around as the children play so that the whole tree is decorated.

The Night Before Christmas

Give each child the name of some object to do with Santa that comes up in the story "The Night Before Christmas." Read out the story "The Night Before Christmas." as you do so the players having the name of an object mentioned in the story, rises, turns around, and then sits down again.

Each time the story reader says the name "Santa Claus", all change places, and the storyteller tries to get one of the seats. The child who loses their seat must then carry on reading the story until again the name "santa claus" is said. Again, the reader of the story tries to gain a seat. Another reader takes over if they lose their seat.

Kids Christmas Games - How Many Words Can You Find

Give each player a sheet of paper and a pencil. You should ask each player to write one of the following christmas words or phrases at the top of their paper. Each player must try to get as many words out of the single word or phrase as they can. To make this game more difficult disallow 2 or 3 letter words.

  • Santa Claus
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  • Merry Christmas
  • Mistletoe

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