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Summer Activities For Kids
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Well it's summer and time to think about those summer activities for kids

We love to make the most of the better weather and get out with the kids.

we are very fortunate to live near both moors and some good beaches and walks. Kids like to be busy and as a busy mum I like to give them ideas for activities that keep their hands occupied and out of mischief.

The thing most kids seem to love in the better weather is getting near naked and playing with water. It doesn't seem to matter about age our 18 year old will happily play water fights with the younger kids.

Mind you I also know some adults who like to get involved as well, funny how the rules change to suit though!

The great thing is water play can be very inexpensive. Our kids get buckets out and use sponges, plastic cups, plastic bowls, and saucepans.

They love to chase each other and chuck water over the other person.

For young kids a paddling pool is great, the kids can use safe plastic items from the kitchen.

Young kids love to pour water from one pot to another, plastic bottles such as empty washing up liquid bottles (well cleaned out), are good. Empty well cleaned out spray bottles are also fun.

Here you will find a collection of summer activities for kids which you will find really useful
Scavenger Hunts

We love scavenger hunts with the kids. Why not make up your own and tailor them to suit the kids ages and abilities.

They are really easy to set for the kids. We like to do them on walks as it keeps the kids occupied they forget they are going for a walk.

Scavenger hunts can be set up at at home, even little kids like to do them.

Why not do a hunt at the beach, or in your yard or garden.


Here are some more great summer activities for kids.

kids usually love camping, if you cannot get away camping how about setting up a tent at home.

You could do this inside or out.

If you don't have a tent use sheets and a table to make one.

Our kids have really enjoyed doing this over the years. They love having their own hidey hole.

Ruby has set up a tent in the garden this year with her dad and older brother.

They used a big sheet of tarpaulin draped over our garden table.

A doorway tunnel was made by putting plastic climbing tubes together.

Chairs would work for this too..

A plastic sheet was put on the ground inside the tent.

Ruby then emptied contents of her bedroom into the tent.

Having used the tent all day this had to then all come back indoors as it rained.

Ruby enjoyed eating her meals in her tent.

Camping inside

The kids also set up tents in the house, we usually let them keep them up for a couple of weeks.

After this they get dismantled so the rooms can be cleaned.

This is because everything they own gets put in there.

Try more summer activities for kids
Treasure Hunts

You could try setting up a treasure hunt in your yard or garden.

We hide items or, pieces of paper with items drawn, on them in the garden.

The kids have to go and hunt for the items, their reward is an ice lolly.

Garden Crafts

In the summer the children like to do garden crafts.

It is the ideal time to do messy crafts outside where it is easier to clean up

Check out our summer crafts section and our gardening crafts section for ideas.

Summer Recipes
Why not check out our summer recipes for you and the children to enjoy.

Fruit smoothie

Try chopping up a banana and 3 strawberries.

Add this to a blender with 1/2 cup of yoghurt.

Blend add a little milk if needed.

Try blending fruit with orange juice then freeze in ice lolly moulds.

Why not get the kids together and make a lovely fresh fruit salad. Recipe is on our easy no cook recipes for kids page

Ball Games

The children love ball games of all types and they make great summer activities for kids

At the moment their passion is swingball.

We have the one on a plastic base that can be filled with water or sand.

It is great as it is transportable and quick to set up.

Ideal for picnics and days out.

For some good ball games check out the Games for kids pages.
Balloon Games

Balloons are good on a still day.

kids can play at who can keep the balloon up in the air the longest.

kids love to fill balloons with water for water fights.


Picnics are ideal for any age.

Ideal for indoors, outdoors, beach days and holidays.

Over the years our carpets and garden have been the home for many a family picnic.

Teddy bears's picnics, sunny day picnics, rainy day picnics, teenagers picnics.

Under the dining room table is a great place for a little kids picnic (watch their heads)

Our kids like any excuse to eat outside.

One year though we were plagued with wasps and ended up with four kids jumping up and down.

This meal was moved inside very quickly.


All of these are great summer activities for kids. Strangely our children even enjoy activities like cleaning their toys.

Just set them up with a bucket of soapy water and a bucket of water to rinse off soap.

Give the kids sponges and towels and they are set up to wash their plastic toys (those without batteries).

Try giving them a broom and the hosepipe and they can clean the driveway.

.Another job our children love is washing the car (make the most of this one).


Why not let your kids keep a journal of summer activities for kids.

Give them a new journal and let them decorate the cover.

Ideal for older kids photography is great.

The children could start by using a disposable camera.

If they then show an aptitude for photography you may want to get them a camera.

Kids can use resulting pictures to add to their journals.

Or how about making a collage of the summer activities for kids.

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These summer activities for kids should keep the kids happy for a while.

Why not check out the
gardening section or kids recipe section for other activities.

If it's raining why not check out our games section.


If spending a lot of time in the heat make sure kids have plenty to drink.

When the kids were very young we put them in long sleeved cotton t-shirts to go out to play.

Make sure kids have protective suncream on.

Some kids need to wear sunglasses if they are sensitive to sunlight.

Hats are a good idea too.


For most of these activities find resources within your home.

For an adult to make for kids

Playdoh Recipe

1 cup flour

1 tablespoon cream of tatar

1 tablespoon oil

1/2 cup salt

Food coloring.

Mix dry ingredients together.

Add boiling water and mix well.

Store in airtight containers.

Add different color food coloring for variation.

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