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by the 'Dad in the House'

Finding the right free Kid Games to Play is important if we want to improve the life skills and capabilities of our offspring.

The time we have with our children is very valuable, once they start becoming involved with other people they will be influenced by them. If we wish to ensure our kids are confident in themselves it is while they are 'under our wing' that we can build them up. Once they are built strong they can withstand the inevitable knocks they will suffer outside the home.

Kid games to play

Build their confidence, their self-esteem, impact their values now...what we put in now is what they will put out later. They are little vessels waiting to be filled go ahead and fill them up...but fill them up with love, care for them so they can care for others....fill them up with strength, strength of character so they can support others...fill them up with generosity, so they will be generous with others.

Kid games to play

Invest in them so they will pay you, and others, back later. Give them the time and attention and the means to learn, teach them all you can. Play with a strong parent of course...but show them your love as often as you can.

Below is a selection of Kid Games to Play. Using these and any other games you can find...spend time and talk to your kids while having fun.

Kid Games to Play - Free Kid Games try our selection below

Kid Games to Play Equipment Key


'up for it' kid (or kids)!!

...see Activity or Game for details of other equipment needed...

 here to return to kid games selection

Indoor Camping Activity

blue_with_bullet_circle Use a pop-up tent or a homemade tent (using a sheet or blanket).

blue_with_bullet_circle Organise an overnight (or at least evening) camping trip - but indoors.

blue_with_bullet_circle Pack some food, drink, clothing, torch, sleeping bag, pillow - use backpacks if you can.

blue_with_bullet_circle Absolutely no TV's, mobile phones, ipods or in fact anything electronic.

Variationsarrow Use your garden...better still, use your friends back garden!... here to return to kid games selection

Treasure Hunt Game

blue_with_bullet_circle This Treasure Hunt game requires some preparation...some red/blue/green/yellow colored card - each about 1"(1.5cm) by 2"(3cm).

blue_with_bullet_circle Hide the red card under something red, the blue card under something blue, the green card under something green, the yellow card under something yellow.

blue_with_bullet_circle Tell the kids to find the red/blue/green/yellow cards after explaining they are under objects of the same color.

Variationsarrow To make it more challenging only tell them the first color to search for! --- but you will have to prepare as follows:

if the first card is red write on that card the next color to search for e.g. blue, - on the blue card write green - and on the green card write yellow

Also try using more and/or different colored cards to extend the hunt here to return to kid games selection

Touchy Feely Game

blue_with_bullet_circle Again this is a blindfold game for each kid in turn.

blue_with_bullet_circle Fill several bowls each with different cold food products e.g. baked beans, mashed banana, tomato ketchup, dried rice, fruit jelly, cereal, mashed potato, Brussels sprouts, sardines, etc..

blue_with_bullet_circle Present the bowls one at a time to the blindfolded victim...see if they can feel...smell...taste?...what it is.

blue_with_bullet_circle Keep a bowl of water wash their hands with...between samples! - and probably a towel may be needed.

Variationsarrow Slip in some bowls containing other items e.g. Dads smelly socks....mud from the garden...leaves (use only herb leaf!)...salt ...sugar...mustard...vinegar. here to return to kid games selection

Bottom Spelling Game

blue_with_bullet_circle Get them to spell out the name of their favorite movie...using their bottoms.

blue_with_bullet_circle They cannot make any noise but they can nod and shake their heads.

Variationsarrow Spell out their favourite book...colour...friends name...what they want for their next birthday. here to return to kid games selection

Marshmallow Fundo Activity

blue_with_bullet_circle Get some marshmallows and dried sticks of spaghetti.

blue_with_bullet_circle Challenge the kids to make the tallest shape they can...for guidance suggest a box framework design.

Variationsarrow Get them to work cooperatively...challenge them to build a pyramid structure...suggest they don't eat the marshmallows. here to return to kid games selection

Spell It Out! Game

blue_with_bullet_circle Give them a simple word of about five letters e.g. scarf.

blue_with_bullet_circle Tell them to find objects and items around the house which start with the letters S - C - A - R - F, e.g. Sock, Cup, Apple, Rug, Flag.

blue_with_bullet_circle If they really cannot find an item beginning with a letter they need...let them make the shape with their body lying on the floor.

Variationsarrow Only allow items from the about food only...see if they can spell a word using different objects for you to work out.

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    Indoor activities are sometimes the only option available to our youngsters. If they are too young or if the weather is too wet, cold, or even too hot then indoors is the safest place. This of course means they are often under our feet. one common solution is too switch on the TV, watch a DVD or put them on the computer or other electronic gaming machine. Well that is okay, but don't expect a communicative and nice interaction with them after they are bored with that. We have always found that breaking the day up with at least an occasional activity works very well, in fact very often it is highly appreciated.


    • When the kids are at each others throat, instead of yelling at them....get them together for some diversion.
    • Suggest activities or Kid Games to Play...ones that includes all of them. Perhaps they can think up a game , if not try one of the games listed on this page.
    • Try to get them to work together or in teams if there are enough....get their friends involved....get yourself involved. It is moments like these the kids will remember at the end of the day.
    • Remember to have your meals together...around the same exceptions Dad! Then ask each one what the best part of the day was.


    Kid Games to Play indoors or even outdoors need not necessarily require lots of resources. If they do get the stuff together before you suggest it...I find kids get mightily bored just waiting for any game or activity to start. They are the fast info TV that I mean programs that fire rapid information at them and very rapid visual presentation changes. They don't do slow!

    Family Scavenger Hunt

    If the kids or you are getting a bit 'touchy' - 'feel' your way out of the situation and try a scavenger hunt game instead!

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