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Water Cycle for Kids
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We have been learning about the water cycle for kids.

Did you know that the water in your drink was around in the days of dinosaurs?

This is because the earth has a water cycle that cycles around from earth to sky and back again.

No new water is added to the water cycle.

Only 1% of the earth's water is available for us to drink.

A huge 97% of earth's water is salty water in the seas.

We enjoyed making a big collage of the water cycle too.

We really enjoyed this flash presentation that kids can interact with here

Try these worksheets to go with ithere

Have a go at this experiment and see what happens here

Try this quizz here

This site here is interesting, there are lots of really great facts and its easy to understand.

Here is a great site about the water cycle for younger kids here

The wateraid.org site has some good information and we really liked their game to see how much water is used throughout a home here

Make a terrarium and record what you see here

Water cycle kids books

Try this book for younger kids

magic school bus

This book is for older kids and has some great photographs

drop of water
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