Easy, Strange and Exciting Container Gardening for Kids

Container gardening get your kids enthused. Get them excited and encourage healthy eating at the same time.

What could be better than radishes grown in half a football. Small cherry tomatoes grown in an old bucket, strawberries grown in an old saucepan. Lettuce grown in an old hat. Container gardening can be outdoors or indoors.
Toy Themed Gardens
  • From your baby's first mug and bowl to their latest old toys your kids can make a themed garden.
  • Use any container that can have drain holes added.
  • How about a pair of kids shoes or welly boots
  • A football cut in half.
  • Old hats
  • Any toy that can hold earth and plants.
  • Baby bath
  • If you have something with large holes line with another container or bubble wrap.
  • Add a container with holes added to containers that cannot have holes added.
  • Fill container with a good potting compost.
  • Add plants that appeal to your kids.
Salad Container Gardening
  • Let your kids grow their own salad garden.
  • Choose a container
  • Decorate with paints, acrylic is best(emulsion will work but wash off after a while)
  • Make drainage holes(cover these with stones)
  • Add a good potting compost
  • Let your child choose their salad plants:
  • Lettuce
  • Spring Onions
  • Radishes
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Sweet Peppers(Capsicum)
Container Gardening Ideas

More ideas for containers:

Old plastic toy bins

Washing up bowl


Bricks with holes in

Plastic pipes(perhaps left over from a plumbing job)


Old kettles

Plastic pots


Bog Garden for Kids
  • Choose a large half barrel or bucket that is watertight.
  • Put in a few holes, cover these with large rocks and then washed gravel(stops holes clogging up)
  • Fill container with pond planting compost.
  • You may like to keep plants in their own containers and plant this into bog garden container.
  • Fill soil to within an inch or two of the rim after planting
  • Pour in a watering can of rainwater then cover soil with gravel.
  • keep bog garden watered so it doesn't dry out.
  • place bog garden in a sheltered sunny spot with some shade.
  • Plants you could use are:
  • lobelia Cardinalis, Gardener's Garters
  • Aureum Golden Grass, Hostas
  • Blue Satin Flower, Lobelia Syphylitica
  • Candleabra Primula, Water Dropwart

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Gardening tips

Container plants

So what plants are good for container gardening:
  • Vegetables:
  • zucchini, spring Onions,
  • Peas, Runner beans,
  • New potatoes, Broad beans
  • Ruby Chard, Sweet peppers
  • Salad
  • Cos lettuce, Chinese Cabbage,
  • Cherry tomatoes, Spring onions
  • Lollo rossa lettuce, Radishes
  • Sweet peppers
  • Fruit
  • Tomatoes
  • Strawberries, Dwarf apple and pear trees.
Other container
  • Most herbs
  • Ivy,
  • Evergreen shrubs such as Euonymus,
  • Winter flowering heathers,
  • Alpine plants, daffodils,
  • Bamboo, ornamental grasses,
  • Dwarf sunflowers,
  • and many others

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