Easy, Creative, Windowsill Gardening for Kids
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Windowsill Gardening for Kids is a great way to get your kids active and learning away from the tv. Kids love to do activities and gardening is an activity where kids can see, smell, and taste the fruits of their work.

Windowsill gardening is a great way to capitalise on space indoors, and allows a gardening experience for the kids even if you don't have a yard. Even our very young kids can grow mustard and cress, the older kids can be more adventuress and try vegetables and herbs.

let your kids to be creative with the containers that they use, from recycle egg boxes to milk cartons and yoghurt pots. your kids can learn about the value of recycling and the environment whilst having fun growing stuff.

Easy and Effective Garden in a Pie Dish

Try this with the kids. It's a really fun simple first garden. Our kids were amazed.

First take your chosen root vegetables. windowsill gardening for kids carrotsTake a parsnip, beets, turnip and carrot.

Cut your chosen vegetables around half an inch from the top. Keep about an inch of the leaf stem, cut the rest off. Leave these tops to dry out for two days on a sunny windowsill.

Choose a shallow dish (a good one is a foil pie dish). Make drainage holes in bottom of dish.

Add around two inches of potting soil and add your root vegetable tops. Place on a sunny windowsill, keep soil moist.

In about two weeks new roots and leaves will start to appear.
Windowsill Gardening - Books
  • One of the kids has enjoyed a book called Ready Set Grow by Rebecca Spohn.
  • it has clear instructions and some colourful pictures.
  • Another excellent book we have enjoyed is Linnea's Windowsill Garden.
  • It's author is Christina Bjork.
  • This is lovely book with clear text and illustrations.
  • It's a bit like a journal. Linnea describes what she has done
  • in the garden that day and how the readers can do the same.
Windowsill Plants

Why not try growing these plants for your windowsill gardening:




A salad garden with lettuce, cherry tomatoes spring onions


Dwarf cabbages



Windowsill Gardening - Mustard and Cress Heads

You will need: Boiled eggs, mustard and cress seeds, cotton wool or paper towel, water.

Boil your eggs, cut off the top being careful not to crack the rest of the shell.

Eat the eggs leaving the inside clear of egg.

windowsill gardening for kids eggsDraw a face onto the shells. Fill three quarters of the egg shell with dampened cotton wool or paper towel.

Sprinkle on mustard and cress seeds.

You could fill one shell with mustard seeds and the other with cress seeds.

Place on a sunny windowsill, keep the cotton wool damp. Next day you should see some white roots and shoots will follow quickly.

Your kids should be able to harvest these and taste them in about a week. Mustard and cress have a slightly peppery taste and are good to eat in salads or egg sandwiches.

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Gardening tips

Starting seeds in the winter on your windowsill

  • To Start Seeds
  • * To germinate seeds you will need:
  • * A zip lock bag, A paper towel, seeds, water.
  • * Take the paper towel fold so that it fits the bag.
  • * Put paper towel down one side of bag only.(The side that will go against the window)
  • * Put seeds or beans into bottom of bag the other side of paper towel.
  • * Fill with about 100mls of water.
  • * Close bag and place against windowsill.
  • * After a few weeks you will see roots growing down into the water.
  • * Then you will see stems, then leaves appear.
  • * Change the water carefully if any sign of mold appears.
  • * make sure bag doesn't dry out.
  • * You can then transplant seedlings into a pot on your windowsill.

  • Insect Hunt
  • Go for a walk or into your back garden.
  • Take along a shoebox with lid,
  • A fine net, or a bug catcher.
  • A magnifying glass( for when you return home)
  • When your kids find an insect on a leaf, they can catch it and put it in the box.
  • They will need to put a couple of leaves in for each bug as well.
  • The insects will be happy in the box for a short time then they must be returned.
  • At home use the magnifying glass to research your insects.
  • Do they have wings.
  • What color are they.
  • Do they have legs.
  • What do they eat
  • where do they live.
  • Draw or take photographs of your bugs.
  • Make a bug book.

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