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Two big questions on parents minds about chores for kids are: should my kids do chores? and if they do should they be paid for doing them?

Two big questions on parents minds about chores for kids are: should my kids do chores? and if they do should they be paid for doing them?

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I can give you our opinions which may give you food for thought.
  • We believe kids should do chores alongside us as they grow up.
  • Why? because it gives kids a sense of being valued as they see themselves as an important part of the household.
  • Kids learn that things don't just happen.
  • They understand that keeping a house in order takes work.
  • You can teach them how to do things in order and well, as you show them how to do various tasks around the home.
  • It can be a time where you give your child quality time as you complete tasks together.
  • Kids gain a sense of achievement in finishing tasks.
  • They gain a sense of responsibility as they grow older and can complete tasks themselves.
  • Kids learn about caring as you do tasks in the home for others.
  • A lot of younger kids enjoy doing chores and even our teens enjoy washing the car and watering the plants.
  • Should you pay kids for doing chores for kids?
  • Well! we have tried various things through the years.
  • I believe most tasks should be done as past of living together as a family and a family unit working together.
  • However, certain tasks over and above the norm maybe could have a small reward attached.
  • if you give a small amount of pocket money kids could add to that by doing other chores.
  • Babysitting (if they are old enough), running to the shop(again if old enough or responsible enough).
  • This is something you can negotiate with your kids as they get older, it is certainly worth thinking about.

  • So what should chores for kids look like?
  • Even as a toddler our kids could go get the clean nappy.
  • A toddler can learn to help put their toys away.
  • The kids take their own plates and cutlery to kitchen.
  • At around 2 to 3 your kids can help to feed their pet
  • They can put laundry in a laundry basket.
  • Our kids loved to help wash up (safe items only)
  • Again they can put toys away.
  • Kids can wash face in the morning
  • They can get dressed usually by this time.
  • At around 4 to 5 your child could
  • Put laundry in laundry basket - get one for each child
  • Feed pet
  • Make their bed in the morning
  • Help wash up
  • Empty wastebaskets into bin with help
  • Dust with a duster (I usually give kids just a dampened duster and not polish)
  • By this age kids can help in the garden watering the plants and possibly weeding with supervision.
  • Kids may like to start their own herb gardens or themed garden with your help.
  • At around 6 to 8 your child could
  • Do all of the above and then
  • Lay the table
  • Clear the table
  • Tidy their bedroom and dust it.
  • Dust
  • Help to clean out pets in cages or brush dogs
  • Clean their own teeth
  • Help to cook dinner
  • Help to sort the scraps for composting
  • Make their own sandwich if bread is pre-sliced
  • Help you to wash out the bath.
  • Help you check through cupboards and make a shopping list
  • Make cakes and biscuits with your help
  • At around 9 and above your child could
  • Do all the above and then
  • Put away groceries.
  • Run short errands
  • Vacuum but you will have to show them how and teach then how to vacuum safely (watching the lead)
  • Make cereal for breakfast and clear away dishes
  • Make cakes with help
  • Fold their own laundry and put away
  • Empty and clean lunchbox
  • Then as your child becomes older and more responsible you can add chores as you see fit
  • The kids can do above chores for kids and then
  • Strip and remake beds
  • Load and unload dishwasher
  • Sew on buttons
  • Walk dog
  • Prepare an easy meal
  • Make sandwiches
  • They could do laundry
  • Wash the car
  • Clean windows
  • Care for younger siblings
  • Make cakes
  • Make own lunches and clear away
  • Wash up
  • Clean the bathroom
  • vacuum and dust as necessary

Chores for kids
  • All of the above are down to your discretion, some kids may be able to do things earlier than others.
  • Only you know when your child is responsible and safe to do things like vacuuming and using a cooker.
  • Our eight year old autistic child is not able to do some tasks her siblings were able to do at her age.
  • She is not safe near a cooker as she cannot detect heat until she touches something.
  • We used a gate at the kitchen door until she was 6 and a half.
  • Make sure you teach your child about safety in the kitchen and bathroom and when near electricity.
  • We have drummed it into our kids not to put plugs into sockets with wet hands.
  • Teach kids not to leave piles of stuff on stairs or walkways.
  • It is all about the boundaries we set in place

Did you and do your kids do chores?

Do you pay your kids for doing chores, or do they do it as part of living in the home?

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Chores for kids

  • Don't redo tasks your kids have done.
  • Try to be positive about the kids efforts.
  • It will take time for them to get to your standards
  • Don't be tempted to do tasks for the kids
  • Help, if it is needed to encourage the kids
  • If kids are under stress because of exams then help them out a little
  • Always communicate with the kids to see if they are managing tasks
  • Reduce chores for periods where heavy study is needed

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