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Spider Web Forever

by Pam Goodwin
(Cleveland, TN USA)

This is a simple craft with no clean up and very little preparation. Children ages 5 to 105 will enjoy doing this project. The younger ones will require some assistance from the older ones. There's one has to be done fairly early in the morning around 8:00am and best if done when there's been a light dew fall. I've also found spring to be a good time to do the project. This is all you'll need..depending on how many each person is doing....

1 piece construction paper for everyone
(I prefer using black)
1 can spray paint
(I prefer using gold or silver)
1 pair of plastic gloves
(I use surgical)

If you live close to the woods, this is where you'll start. Get everyone together in a group, explain you're going spider web hunting. They need to look for any size, but of course the big ones work better. Tell them the importance of not hurting the spider, it's easy to find a web with the spider gone. When you've located one, have someone place and hold the piece of construction paper behind the spider web, it actually needs to touch the web. Next, hold the spray can about 2 inches away and spray the paint completely covering the web. This will need to be done in a sweeping motion. Once the web is covered, remove the paper and you should have a beautiful impression of a spider web.

You can choose any colors, make it wild, girly or eloquent. When they take it home, make sure they tell mom, "don't knock down the cobwebs in my room".

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