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Mice as Pets
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This article is about mice as pets

Mice Facts:

Mice can live from 1 1/2 to 3 years.

They are usually healthy but if they become ill deteriorate quickly.

Mice are usually awake at night (nocturnal)

They need to live with other mice of the same sex.

Boy mice can be very smelly (their urine smells strongly)

Mice are mammals and part of the rodent family

Their teeth grow continually

Care of Pet Mice

Mice as pets are generally easy to care for.

We have friend who have three female pet mice who they adore.

They have them out of their cage every day for a run around.

A couple of times the mice have got into the back of the sofa

They have chewed the wood and material in the beck of the sofa. It took them nearly an hour to catch the mice after they got into the sofa.

They handle them regularly and their mice are tame.

Mice need to have their cages cleaned thoroughly at least once a week.

Clean all food bowls daily and the water bottle at least a couple of times a week.

To make cleaning easier you could get two cages and alternate them.

You should handle mice often to keep them tame. Try to pick them up with your hand around the body.

If necessary pick mice up by the base of the tail and quickly put your other hand underneath to support the body.

Be gentle and quiet so as not to scare your pet.

Mice Cages and habitats.

Our friends have a lovely modular cage for their mice with tubes like tunnels which the mice love.

The cage you buy needs to be as big as possible.

No small gaps as mice can squeeze through very small holes.

Wire cages are fine as they can be multi layered as mice love to climb.

Glass tanks with mesh lids are fine too.

Keep your cage away from radiators and windows, so they don't get to hot.

The mice as pets will need a nest area, either a cardboard box or a plant pot(with tissue paper as nesting material) you can also buy this from the pet store.

Your pet mice will also enjoy lots of toys

Mouse Bedding

Newspaper with a layer of shredded tissue paper or hay are good.

Hardwood shavings are ok but avoid cedar shavings(the oils from these are harmful to your pets skin and cause respiratory and liver problems)

Pet Mice Toys

Mice like to explore and climb, hide and jump.

Cardboard tubes and PVC pipes are great.

Wooden ladders and ropes are great for climbing.

A solid wheel will provide exercise.

Safe Sticks, blocks and dog biscuits are great for mice to chew on.

Cardboard boxes and flower pots are good to climb on.
What Do Mice as Pets Eat?

Mice need a fresh supply of water daily through a sipper bottle.

They need a balanced diet of mixed grains so buy a mouse food that should provide all the nutrients the mouse will need.

Your mice will also enjoy treats.

They can have small amounts of fresh vegetables, sunflower seeds.

Acorns or walnuts will help to keep their teeth down as well.

This is not an exhaustive article on mice as pets so do some more research if anything is concerning you. Mice are relatively healthy but are known to get several illnesses if you think your mouse is not well take it to the vets.

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