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When I was a kid I had some chores that were mine to do such as taking out the trash, recycling, and setting the table.
I didn't share these chores with anyone: if I didn't do the chore it didn't get done. I think my parents picked the recycling and the trash because I was very interested in taking care of the environment and encouraged them to recycle in the first place.
I didn't receive money for doing my chores, although I did get a small allowance once a week. I didn't get my allowance money if I didn't do my chores, although my parents stressed that they weren't paying me for the work.
I think if that when I have kids I will have them have more chores. I was a bit spoiled when I was a kid and once I became an adult I was surprised about how much work it took to keep a house clean.
I think I would have my kids have more responsibility for their own stuff and for keeping the house clean.

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