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Camping with kids

by Susan

Do you have any tips for going camping with kids?

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Camping with Kids
by: parenting our

Scavenger hunts are great for the whole family. Try these

Card games are good, and so are simple dice games. Of cource "I spy" is always a winner.

Don't forget a torch for each person and a well stocked first aid kit.

Enjoy camping with kids, it can be a good bonding time if you are relaxed.

Camping with kids
by: Nikki

Don't forget outside games as well.
A kite is great for windy days. Frisbees, and balls are good. My daughter enjoys her skipping rope.

We need to take along lots of snack foods as everyone seems to get really hungry on camping trips.

Camping with kids
by: Julie

Don't forget to take plenty of toys and games and activities for those rainy days or down time.

We like to take board games.

Young kids will enjoy toy cars. pencil and paper activities, simple crafts, books and puzzles.
Coloring books and pencils or crayons are great too.

Camping with kids

Firstly get the kids involved in all the preperations. Get them checking out the location of the campsite on the internet if they are old enough. They can help check out the local facilities and the activities that will be available in and around the campsite.

Involve the kids in deciding on what you will eat for the holiday. Try to pick very simple meals if you are intending to eat at the campsite.

Make sure you pack for wet, cold, and the sunshine.
If you pack each day's clothes in a plastic bag for each person they will stay dry. When the day is finished dirty clothes can then be put in empty bag to avoid soiling anything else.

Before you leave decide on activities for the days.
Busy kids are happy kids. This way they will be tired and hopefully you will all sleep well.

If this is a first camping trip try a night camping in your backyard.

Prepare nervous kids for the change. Try to prepare them for the difference in surroundings, the noises at night and the flexible routines.

If your kids need rigid routines try to maintain that with regular mealtimes. Make sure you remember special items for kids who need them.

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