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What should I do when my son is spoiled by his grandparents?

by Olivia

I am a mother of a two and a half boy. My parents and my husband's parent spoil my son on every thing he do and wants.
When he commit sin and I will scold him, he will go to his grandparents for him to defend him. I dont want him to always seek help to his grandparents every time we scolded him on some mistakes he made. What should I do to my son?

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Speak Up!
by: shyxter

This scenario is a very typical one. Almost all, if not all, grandparents seem to have a natural tendency to spoiling their grandchildren even to an unreasonable point. Most of the time, they do it unintentionally. When you feel that their spoiling goes way overboard already and is greatly affecting your child's attitude, then communicate your concern to them. Make them understand that although you greatly appreciate all the love and attention they give, your child needs to learn the value of discipline. Grandparents may react when you do this but for sure, they will understand because they are parents themselves.

Letting them know who mom and dad are.
by: Anonymous

You should speak with your parents and the IL's about their behavior, do not do it in a way that accuses them of any thing. They need to understand that you and your husband are the parents and that when they do this they undermine your authority as a parent.

You also need to implement a punishment for the child when he does run to granny and grandad, time out or take away privileges.


Grandparents love to spoil their grandkids.
Do you live with them?

All I can suggest is that you have a gentle chat with your family and share with them how you feel.

Be prepared for them to be upset as they probably believe thay are doing nothing wrong.
Try to agree a strategy with them so that you are all doing the same with your son.

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