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Walk-over Mum

by Kerry

One thing I found that worked,and helped us to keep the house organised; which my husband and I started a couple of years ago, was to get our kids to do some simple but helpful chores to earn their pocket money. So that they got 25p for helping with the dishes, or vacuuming? the floor for instance.
Unfortunately we weakened, yes I know it's our own fault, we gradually allowed them to do less and less until they weren't actually doing anything to earn their pocket money!
Now it's too late to claw back that initial position.
The kids are getting cleverer and we are getting stupider!!

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Walk over mum
by: Lesley -

Hello kerry.
I wouldn't say the kids are cleverer than you at all.

All thats happened is you are not standing in your authority and in this area have given it to the kids so that they are in charge. That is ok now you realise you can take this back and re-establish the boundaries.

Firstly check out our chores page found in the sitemap. Then decide which course of action you want to take.
Kids should do chores as part of living in a home with others. None of us like to do these chores but when we all work together chores get done more quickly leaving time to spend together.

Depending on the age of your kids I would start by sitting down together and having a good chat about it, be clear about your expectations.

Don't nag them but explain the consequences of them not doing their chores (think about this in advance--loss of pocket money--loss of time on the pc or games machine etc). When you have this in place you can calmly deal with the kids not doing their chores by carrying out one of these consequences calmly.

Your kids should soon understand what will happen when they don't do as you have asked, and you will have re-established your boundaries.

Hope that helps,

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