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Hello my name is Travis.

I am currently studying mechanics in a garage.

I am also holding up a job at Nandos a portugese restaurant.

My hobbys are Hunting,cycling,Watersports ie surfing,skimboarding, bodyboarding,and swimming.

I am currently working with children on a friday evening at 2 different clubs one from 5-8 o'clock the other 8:15-10 o'clock and the kids are aged from 8-14 and 14-18.We do lots of fun activities with the children like football,relays,watching movies,and other sports and games.We teach basic life skills in a christian format.

I am also a guitarist and play in our church band.

I like a lot of music but my favourites are dance,rock,hip hop,reggae,drum and bass.

My favourite bands are Foo Fighters,Queens of the Stone Age,System of a Down,Pendulum,and MIA.

I also love gaming on xbox.My favourite games are Call of Duty 4,Halo 3,Midnight Club Los Angeles,and GTA 4.

That all folks Thank You for reading my story.

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by: ruby

hello travis my name is ruby from church i liked your ifmashun about youe self it was intresting by by by for now

squeak squeak
by: A nony mouse

Watcha Travis,

I liked your mini site.
I have to say that I admire your efforts in travelling to Portugal for your job, it is a long way away and must be very difficult on your moped.
Also I amazed that you can hunt whilst riding a bicycle on water especially when the surf is up. Personally I like to to cycle on road and keep my hands on the handlebars.
I like the Food fighters too, do they work at Nando's as well?

Keep cooking and make sure those chickens are not full of pellets.

Yours impressed
A Nony Mouse

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